Bachata is a dance and music genre that originated in the Dominican Republic. In recent years, it has become hugely popular all over the world. However the most popular sub-style is Sensual Bachata, which originated in Spain in 2009. Today, it is the official dance style of many international competitions.

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Check out this Sensual Bachata dance video from Ataca and La Alemana as an example. I got to say that it’s the first time I see them dancing Sensual Bachata. It is definitely not the same sensual style you see from other dancers and it’s a very good thing. They added some unique and special touches to it that makes them stand out from the crowd even more.

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The main reason why Sensual Bachata got a lot more popular than other styles is that it seems more attractive to viewers than other Bachata styles. It can be both very sexy and romantic at the same time, without crossing the limits of decency. This is why it appeals to a wide variety of people, including both men and women.

The dance moves and techniques of Sensual Bachata are similar to those of the other styles of Bachata. However it also borrows many dance moves from Brazilian Zouk which is one of the most romantic dances on the planet. This makes this style feel different from any other Bachata sub-genres and adds an extra element of sensuality to the performance. Because of this, Sensual Bachata has a more modern feel to it which makes it more appealing to younger audiences than classical forms of Bachata, which are more traditional in nature.

Although the main inspiration for Sensual Bachata was Brazilian Zouk, the two are very different in terms of technique and choreography. It is easy to find videos that show the similarities between Zouk and Sensual Bachata, but any who danced both would know that there is a huge difference between those two dance forms. The combination of the two is what makes this dancing style so special and unique. It takes the best elements of two completely different styles and creates something truly magical!

If you want to start learning this style of dancing you should practice simple movements like the basic steps, arm and hand movements and the rhythm patterns first before you move on to more complicated moves. This way you can feel more comfortable and confident when you start learning more advanced moves later. We invite you to join your local Bachata dance classes to begin your journey into the world of Sensual Bachata!

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