We all know the importance of celebrating our curves, whatever size we are. But sometimes it can be hard to know how to feel sexy if we are self-conscious about our bodies. Take a quick look at this video of sexy kizomba lady styling with choreography by Vika Shcheglova and just soak up how these women are completely celebrating the beauty of their bodies. So what is it about kizomba that will help you to feel sexy? Let’s take a look.

YouTube video

1) It helps you to connect with your sensuality

Kizomba, and especially kizomba lady styling, is all about bringing forward your inner sensuality. Its signature moves are mainly focused on your hips and if you have more in your hips, this can be to your advantage because it gives you that bit more movement and that bit more to showcase. You will learn how to move your body in a sensual way and this can help you to learn how to celebrate every single inch of you.

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When you dance kizomba with a partner, you will get the chance to play off your dance partner to make that emotional connection that will highlight your sensuality. When you take part in kizomba lady styling, your sensuality is the entire focus of your dancing.

2) It keeps you healthy

One of the most important factors involved with feeling sexy is how you feel on the inside. Keeping your body healthy will make you feel good and this will show on the outside with how you move, how you hold yourself, and your confidence. Dance is a great form of exercise that is a mixture of cardio and strength training, and every time you exercise you get a rush of feel-good hormones that flood through your body. This will help you to shine and when you shine, you are more likely to feel comfortable in your skin which will help you to feel sexy.

3) It gives you a chance to perform

Ask anyone who has experience of performing, especially people who have performed dance, they will tell you just how empowering performing can be. Whether you’re performing on a stage, just in front of your class, at a flashmob, or even taking part at a social, the feeling can be electric. And when you are performing a style of dance that is designed to celebrate your body and your sensuality, there really is no greater boost to your confidence. You will walk away from the experience feeling like the sexiest person alive!

The bottom line

Confidence is sexy, there is no doubt about that. And you can help your confidence along by learning kizomba. Not only will you feel healthy and in tune with your body, but you will also get to learn one of the best dances for celebrating your curves. Once you learn how to show off your inner sensuality by dancing kizomba, you will be able to take that confidence with you in every part of your life.

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