Pole dancing is going through something of a popularity explosion. Pole dancing classes are popping up in every town and city and more and more people are raving about the benefits of pole dancing/pole fitness. And it is great for your fitness, both cardio and strength.

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So why should you be doing it at home just like the amazing Ava Madison in this video? Let’s take a look at the main reasons, however keep an open mind and heart because pole dancing can be both an art and a sport.

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From the physical activity point of view pole dancing is a mix of cardio and strength training, you will get a full workout every time you pole dance. It can:

  • improve your muscle tone
  • make you stronger
  • help you to lose weight
  • improve your balance and coordination
  • increase your flexibility
  • boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • release endorphins that will make you feel calmer and happier

The problem with pole fitness, when compared to other fitness classes that you can do anywhere at any time, is that it absolutely relies on specialist equipment: the pole. If you only attend one class a week and don’t take part in any pole fitness in-between times, it is going to take you a lot longer to reach your fitness goals. Most health boards advise at least 150 minutes of exercise a week, which should include both cardio and strength training. So having a pole in your home, and the opportunity to practice on it, can make a big difference.

And installing a fitness pole in your home isn’t as outlandish or out of reach as it may first appear. There is a wide range of poles available to suit different room sizes and locations. Some of them can be drilled into your ceiling but others don’t require any drilling at all, which is perfect if you’re renting or you would like to be able to move the pole around. Practicing pole every day will make you a better dancer quicker and will get you fit in no time. Check out our handy guide here to the best dance poles that you can install in your home today. You won’t regret it!

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