There are lots of reasons why people might take up Latin dancing. Maybe you want to make some new friends or connect with your partner or you want to learn a new skill. Another reason why people choose Latin dancing as a hobby is to lose weight.

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And there is no doubt that Latin dancing, in general, is a great way of losing weight, but it is also true that some dance styles will help you with your weight loss goals more than others. Salsa is considered the best Latin dance style for weight loss, and you only have to look at the high-energy dancing in today’s video to understand why.

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A calorie is a measure of energy. When we eat more calories than we use, our body stores the excess energy in our body as fat. So when we’re trying to lose weight, what we are aiming to do is flip that ratio so that we use more calories than we eat, which means our body has to use up its fat stores.

So when we are looking for a dance style that is the best for helping us with our weight loss, what we need is one that uses up the most energy. And salsa definitely fits that bill. With salsa, you are never still. It is full of quick steps, turns, twists, and spins. You are constantly moving at least one part of your body in a fast and high-energy way.

It is also a dance style that requires you to move big muscles groups, as well as just about every part of your body from head to toe. This will also increase the amount of energy your body needs to use.

Because of these factors, salsa can burn somewhere between 400 and 600 calories an hour, depending on how hard you work, your size, and your gender. With a healthy diet, salsa dancing will support your weight loss goals and help you to burn those extra calories. And best of all, it is fun.

One of the issues that many people have with sticking to an exercise plan is that they get bored and lose motivation. Doing something like salsa will burn the same amount of calories as standard cardio workouts. But because it’s fun, you won’t lose your motivation, and you might just practice that one extra time a week, or carry on for that extra 10 minutes.

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