Dance chemistry is one of those things that is almost impossible to describe in words but you just know it as soon as you see it. Take today’s video for example. The second you see Jes and Jenny dancing, you know that they have great chemistry together. It is worth pointing out from the beginning that dance chemistry is not the same thing as a romantic or sexual attraction, but some people do view it as similar at least in the sense that it can’t be learned and a couple either has it or they don’t.

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Having good chemistry with your dance partner can make a huge difference both in how well you perform and in how much fun you have dancing together. Oftentimes, you will meet a dance partner who you just click with. This can be due to a shared passion and appreciation for the dance style, as well as a similar approach to musicality. It can be simply because you have fun together and can be open enough with each other to laugh.

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While dance chemistry often can’t be learned, it isn’t true that it always happens instantaneously. Sometimes, dance chemistry develops over time. It can be a result of mutual respect and trust that has grown as you dance together. Openness with each other can also develop over time. And having shared goals can make chemistry much more likely to occur.

If you want to try and help your chemistry with your new partner, it can be useful to get to know each other as people. Spend some time together outside of the dance floor learning about each other’s lives, values, and life goals.

Getting comfortable with each other can also help. It can be awkward at first to dance with a new partner. Ensuring that you make eye contact can be a great way of clearing that awkwardness and increasing how open you are with each other.

One of the main reasons, however, that chemistry develops between dance partners is simply because of the amount of time you spend together. You can see a video like today’s and think “well those two have just got it” but what you aren’t seeing are the hours of practice that have been spent together. Over time, you get to know each other’s dance styles and approaches. You can anticipate exactly what their next move will be and how they will relate to the music so that you can match it. Once you have that, you have dance chemistry.

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