Dancing can create specific emotions in the people dancing and those who watch them, and different dance styles are associated with different emotions. Tango, for example, is dramatic and romantic, whereas kizomba is intimate sensual. So what emotion does salsa dancing give off? Pure fun. Just take a look at today’s video and it will be impossible for you to stop the smile from spreading across your face and you can just see how much fun everyone who is involved is having.

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The tempo

So why is salsa dancing just so much fun? Compared to other similar social partner dances, salsa is a lot more energetic. It is danced at a faster tempo, which lends itself to throwing each other around the dancefloor and having fun with it. And because of its faster tempo and the style of music it is danced to, salsa is also a lot more playful when compared to other similar dances. That playfulness can be infectious and it is one of the reasons why the fun and laughter of salsa tend to spread around the room.

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The hold

With some other partner dances, you hold your partner in a very close embrace. This encourages slower, more sensual movements and promotes a more romantic feel. With salsa, however, the hold is much more open and this gives it less of a romantic feel and more of a fun and playful one.

The music

A lot of dances were born of a style of music and the same is true for salsa. Salsa music is everything that salsa dancing is: fun, playful, and energetic. You can’t be sad when salsa music is playing! And your body will naturally want to have fun when you dance to it.

The chance to do your own thing

Each partner in a salsa dance has plenty of opportunities to have their own fun with the dance, whether they’re the lead or the follow. And when you get the chance to be creative and yourself on the dance floor you can’t help but have fun while you are doing so.

Why not give salsa dancing a try?

If we have piqued your interest in salsa dancing and you think that you’d like to jump in and find out how fun it is for yourself, why not check out one of your local salsa classes and give it a try. You won’t regret it!

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