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    Excellent Studio! They offer both recreational and competitive dance classes, so there is something there for everyone. I was greeted by both the owner and teacher and we felt very welcomed by everyone there. The teachers treated all the children with respect and encouragement regardless of their ability. My daughter loves it there.

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    rachael davy

    I signed my daughter up for the recreational dance classes and was very pleased with this studio. I have tried a couple other studios in the area and this studio is definitely on the top of my list. They treat all the students to same and don’t pick favorites which in my experience isn’t the case with all studio. I will definitely be enrolling my daughter in there summer dance classes.

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    Sarah Barnett

    Excellent studio and staff!
    They respond quickly to calls and emails.
    Would definitely recommend this studio to anyone looking.

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    Joyce M Jaborek

    This is an excellent studio. Family is the word that most describes this wonderful group. My granddaughter loves Sarah Barnette and this family group of young dancers. This is the second year she has been with Sarah and I have seen much improvement in her dance. They work hard as a team and accomplish so much each week. I have stopped in on many occasions and have never heard Sarah raise her voice to any of her dancers. She has an uncanny ability to instruct and achieve results in a totally calm manner. Sarah helped my granddaughter with her audition performance for the Salem Academy of Arts in the Dance Program and she has been accepted for this Fall in 9th grade. If anyone wants total encouragement for their child to fully develop their ability, I recommend this studio.

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    Alyssa Corenelzkee

    Perfect for sure! lovely place for beginners, which my daughter was. UNTILL now! Sarah, wonderful woman and great girls

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    Tilopiannasilog Shina - Ann Worflynn

    hurry up! what r u waiting for, come come COME to these dancing contemporary classes

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