Street dance has become a worldwide phenomenon over the past decades. Styles like popping, locking, and hip-hop emerged first in the mid-20th century in African American communities in the United States and expanded globally. Countries like China have also put their own spin on street dance, and interest in the style—and dance in general—has boomed, with the number of registered dance studios in the country growing from around 38,100 in 2017 to 66,900 in 2021. I mean, simply take a look at this electrifying performance by Poppin John as an example, it got over 18M views and numbers keep growing:

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While street dance has evolved and changed depending on the place, societal norms, and culture, at its core, street dance is all about expressing yourself through movement and style. Sunglasses can be the perfect finishing touch to your outfit, adding a touch of attitude and swagger to your performance.

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But with so many styles, how do you find shades that complement your moves without looking out of place? Here’s your guide to rocking sunglasses on the street dance scene:

Making a statement

Hip-hop fashion has often ventured into an ultra-luxurious, opulent look; think layers of gold chains, multiple rings on every finger, luxury brands, and glittering gems. While these accessories aren’t exactly dancer-friendly, you can channel these bold and over-the-top aesthetics into your shades with a pair of statement sunglasses. Try oversized square or rectangular styles, which pair well with baggy clothing or a streetwear aesthetic. Draw attention with chunky colored or patterned frames or funky geometric silhouettes with dramatic angles. Take a page out of Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour stage outfits and rock some embellished statement shades like her Tiffany & Co. bedazzled cat-eye sunglasses. 

Amplifying style

Sunglasses can take any look to the next level. If you’re looking for something to complement your cool and casual look without taking attention away from your moves, a pair of versatile women’s sunglasses can bring a timeless or trendy vibe to your street dance attire. You can channel your old-school vibe with Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer or Clubmaster frames. These classic styles add a touch of vintage coolness that always stays in fashion. For a more trendy spin, the Zena or Kiliane Bio-Based frames can amp up the glam while still being able to suit any look and vibe. A pair of timeless sunglasses can also suit any outfit and aesthetic you’re going for, making them an accessory you can use and reuse on the dancefloor for ages.

Safety first 

Sunglasses aren’t just for fashion; they’re a functional item before anything else. From UV protection to color and contrast enhancement, they can help protect your eyes and enhance your vision on the dance floor. Wraparound sunglasses or shield-style shades can provide a dynamic look that offers excellent eye protection during practice or battles. If you’re performing or practicing outdoors, it can help keep the sun’s rays and debris out of your eyes. Oakley’s sports sunglasses, like the Radar EV path or Sutro, showcase how these models can marry fashion and function, boosting performance with the brand’s PRIZM lens technology while still looking stylish. Despite its functionality, it doesn’t compromise on style. Wraparound shades exude sporty chic or futuristic glam, taking the most basic fits into an elevated, stage-ready street dance getup. 

Experiment with lenses

Aside from your frames, playing around with your lenses can also bring more fun and excitement to your street dance look. Colored lenses are a great choice for complementing your outfit, and there’s no shortage of tint options. Gray lenses are a safe bet, while brown or amber tints can enhance contrast and depth perception for quick footwork. Other colors like red, yellow, or blue can make them pop on your face and add some vibrancy. Mirrored lenses add an element of mystery and can be a great way to hide your eyes from the competition. They’re effortlessly cool and edgy, excellent for boosting a laid-back look.

Wearing fun frames and lenses can instantly take your street dance apparel to the next level. Sunglasses can also be a great confidence booster. Embracing a bold style may help you feel more daring on the dancefloor and dissipate any self-conscious feelings that can hold you back from having fun. 

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