In today’s video of the day, we have the O Tahiti Nui troupe performing in the 2019 HEIVA i PARIS finales. The dancers perform alongside a fast tempo percussion beat and cannot only stay perfectly on beat but also achieve such fluid movements and transitions of focus that the audience can do nothing but watch in amazement.

YouTube video

The dancers constantly change levels, going from standing straight up to crouching on the ground. While their movements are flawless and appear light and effortless, it’s clear that it took a lot of time for the entire troupe to prepare this routine. Probably the most impressive part of are the hip movements of the dancers. They’re gyrating their hips so quickly that it’s mesmerizing.

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O Tahiti Nui is a French dance troupe specializing in a Tahitian style of dance. The style is often confused with the Hawai’ian style of Hula dancing, but the two are from two completely different cultures. While both utilize some footwork and movement of the hips, Hula dancing uses a slower, swaying type of dance while (as we saw in the video), the Tahitian style of dance is faster, showier, and utilizes those iconic fast hip movements.

Tahitian dance has a long, proud history and if you’re interested in learning, there are plenty of options available to you. While it may at first seem to be a little daunting, there are plenty of classes available for beginners. Like all types of dancing, you’ll start slow, learning how to hold your body along with some beginner steps. As you become more confident with these dance moves, you’ll transition to faster, more intricate combinations until eventually, you can confidently dance along with your instructor.

There’s no reason to be afraid of messing up or not being able to move like a professional dancer. You’ll start in a class with people about as experienced as you and (in a well-run class) this will be a judgment-free zone. Everyone here is looking to learn and they gain nothing from being rude to other dancers.

Dancing is an excellent way to not only get in shape but also to meet new people and learn to express yourself in ways that might not have been possible before. If you’re interested in learning how to dance, find a dancing school near you or even just put on some music with some friends and let loose!

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