Kizomba has started to spring up all over the world and it has caught the imagination of both people who have never danced before and seasoned dancers. It is now often danced alongside Latin dances at socials and people appreciate the musicality and intimateness of the dance. If you’ve never seen kizomba danced before, check out today’s video to get a taste of how it looks.

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One of the reasons why kizomba has become so popular is that it is open to endless interpretation. One of these fusion dances is urban kiz, which fuses traditional kizomba with elements from a variety of different dance styles, including hip-hop, Brazilian zouk, salsa, bachata, and more. So the question can often be whether you should learn traditional kizomba or urban kiz.

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In general, urban kiz tends to be more popular than traditional kizomba. This may be for a few reasons. Many dancers coming to kizomba for the first time have a background in some of the dance styles that are often fused with it to create urban kiz, so they find it natural to add those elements to the dance. Urban kiz also tends to be danced more linearly compared to the circular style of urban kiz and it can give each dancer more of an opportunity to show off their solo styling.

With that being said, many people worry that the proliferation of urban kiz means that the dance scene is in danger of not appreciating the beauty that comes from traditional kizomba. It may not look as flashy as urban kiz from the outside but it is a wonderful style to dance and it can help to improve your ability to connect with music on an emotional level and to get comfortable with dancing in close contact with a partner.

So if you’re wondering which one you should choose, you may well get more opportunities to dance urban kiz, but you should definitely take the time to master traditional kizomba as well to truly appreciate the dance style.

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