Dancing is not just a simple act of moving your body, it is a complex process that involves music, senses, how dancers interpret the rhythm, what emotions do they have, what are the feeling of those who watch this performance. Check out today’s Urban Kiz workshop demo from Azzedine and Sara Panero and notice how it makes you feel.

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During social dances demo a key factor is not only how dancers perform in front of people, but rather how they interact with each other. When a couple dances, a shy smile, a look full of love, a movement made with desire is speaking louder than any great techniques that they may have.

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We, humans, are social beings and for us, it is very important what emotions we feel. It is our nature to interact with the outer world through emotions and feelings. When we take part in a group activity, we unconsciously relate to the vibe in that environment and slowly our emotions start to match. That is why during workshops at a social dance festival it is very important for those who host this workshop to have the ability not only to explain how to do certain movements but rather to create the right environment. We can call this process emotional leading.

This is one key factor that can easily transform a good dance couple into great performers. I can tell that the most known Kizomba performers are great teachers and leaders too. They know not only how to manage well their own emotions, but also how to share their love for dance and music with the entire group. They make people fall in love with the dance styles they teach. When you enter a room with such performers, you almost feel in the air this vibe and you can’t withstand it, you almost instantly want to take part in this celebration. You find yourself involved in this ritual with every cell of your body, with your entire mind and soul.

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