Dance, a universal expression of emotion, culture, and tradition, has been an art form cherished by many throughout history. Among the various dance styles out there, Ori Tahiti dance reigns supreme as a truly captivating spectacle unique to the Tahitian culture. Not so long ago, an outstanding choreography by Hirohiti Tematahotoa for the song “Maeva” by Amui (Ken Carlter, Eva Ariitai & Vaheana) made it to the finals in the Eurovision France 2021 contest.

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Check out this video of Tumata Williams and Mareva Lenoir, two skilled dancers, showcasing the brilliant Ori Tahiti choreography for the Maeva, which was filmed at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort, and expertly captured by CyWorks. I mean look at that stunning view with the blue ocean in the background, beautiful sky and green palm trees!

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The performance by the dancers in the video is a beautiful sight to behold. They adorn themselves in traditional Tahitian costumes, such as colorful pareos and flower crowns, and the choreography is a beautiful blend of traditional dance moves. The graceful yet powerful movements, along with intricate footwork, are a delight to witness. Even though there is no perfect synchronization of the hips and hands with the beats of the music, the video still creates a mesmerizing effect.

The Ori Tahiti dance, a vital component of the Tahitian culture, is renowned for its vibrant energy, which is reflected brilliantly in the video. It’s a customary dance performed during festivals and celebrations, and it holds a special place in Tahitian society. This dance form is more than just entertainment, it’s a way to connect people to their culture and traditions.

This video not only highlights the beauty of the dance but also showcases the stunning scenery of Tahiti and its people. The sandy beach, lush greenery, and the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort all add to the video’s tropical feel. It truly is an unforgettable visual and auditory experience.

To sum up, the Ori Tahiti dance form is a mesmerizing art form that embodies the culture and traditions of Tahitian society. The “Maeva” choreography by Hirohiti Tematahotoa, performed by Tumata Williams and Mareva Lenoir, showcases the intricate grace and energy of the Ori Tahiti dance. It managed to capture the essence of Tahiti and its people, and it is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

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