The power of dance is something worth celebrating, a sentiment echoed by the International Theatre Institute and UNESCO through the creation of International Dance Day. The annual event is in its 39th year, taking place every April 29th in order to commemorate the birth of modern ballet founder Jean-Georges Noverre.

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Each year, International Dance Day is held in a different global city of note, where a Gala Celebration including dance performances and keynote speakers takes place. Around the world, ITI Centres are encouraged to celebrate the event through educational outreach, humanitarian outreach, and, of course, festivals and performances. This year’s celebration will take place online, and performances from the event will be viewable on the IDD website after airing.

It’s no surprise that dance is a great way to improve your physical and cardiovascular health, but its positive impacts surely don’t stop there. Research has proven that engaging in dance and creative movement is an ideal way for kids to get physical activity, as they’re also poised to reap numerous cognitive, emotional, and even scholastic benefits.

In celebration of International Dance Day, here are science-backed, non-physical benefits of dance for children:

  • It can improve self-discipline: In one study of teen and young adult females attending dance education, 92% of participants disclosed that attending the classes had boosted their self-discipline. [1]
  • May lead to better behavior in younger kids: The results of an eight week creative movement instructional program aimed at preschoolers discovered that those who participated saw significant improvements in behavior when compared to those that did not. [2]
  • Acts as a facilitator for cognitive growth: In a meta-analysis of research and studies regarding the therapeutic applications of dance, engaging in dance education as a part of curriculum was identified as a way to provide opportunities for cognitive development. [3]

Want to learn more about the non-physical benefits of dance for kids? Check out this inspiring info:

Evidence based benefits dance

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