As social dance instructors in styles like kizomba, bachata, salsa, or zouk, it’s tempting to mimic the latest flashy moves and incorporate trendy variations into our dancing. However, these superficial additions can compromise the soul of our self-expression. You can watch the performance of Isabelle and Felicien in the video below, as they are a perfect example of international kizomba instructors who preserve gracefully their authentic dance style:

YouTube video

The question is not whether to completely avoid innovations in your dance style. The dilemma is how to integrate new elements that align with your authentic voice rather than blindly chase temporary fads.

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Why Authenticity Matters

  • Preserves the context and essence of your self-expression
  • Upholds your unique dance lineage
  • Provides a benchmark for quality and refinement
  • Creates a vocabulary true to you

Blind trend-adoption often stems from FOMO rather than meaningful integration. As an ambassador of your style, make space for mindful, selective experimentation.

Why New Trends Catch On

  • Adapt to shifting aesthetics
  • Allow creative self-challenge
  • Attract more eyes

However, careless alterations can undermine and appropriate the form. As a steward of your dancing, carefully vet trends against your core style.

Finding Your Voice

Avoid reactionary positions on either extreme. First, comprehensively study the roots of your authentic expression to embody its soul. Next, remain open and discerning to emerging variations.

Integrate both signature moves and modern interpretations into your dance vocabulary intentionally. Balance structure with flexibility. Emphasize that self-expression evolves yet fundamental essence endures.

Most importantly, let your underlying intention be to dance from the heart – not to rigidly mimic standards. Shape your own journey while holding space for what makes your style unique.

With insight and balance, you can traverse key stylistic decisions mindfully. Avoid binary camps; instead find harmony. Let your dancing illuminate your distinctive voice within the broader evolution of dance itself. Guide exploration while stewarding essence.

This dance between new and old makes your self-expression a living, breathing phenomenon. As you navigate this tension firsthand, let students also witness an invaluable process of bridging innovation with foundations of the past.

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