Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, and one of the most special and magical moments of the entire day is the first dance to your song. Many couples worry about their first wedding dance because everyone there will be watching, but getting some dance lessons in beforehand can help you to feel much more confident.

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Unfortunately the original video was deleted, but luckily we have found a perfect replacement for you – a romantic wedding dance choreography with lots of beautiful, yet simple moves that will make any groom happy and every bride look elegant. If you are looking for some inspiration to choreograph your first dance, this video is what you need.

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How do wedding dance lessons work?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to learn how to dance, or do I want to learn how to dance only to my wedding song?” If you want to get good enough at dancing to spend the entire night on the dance floor showing off your moves, you should start thinking about lessons around 6 months before your wedding. It is surprisingly easy to pick up enough dance skills to look pretty good in a social setting, so you can relax and dance the night away.

If you specifically want to learn a dance to your wedding first dance song, then there are specific wedding dance lessons available from most dance studios. With these, you work with your dance teacher to design the perfect dance to your perfect song so that it goes without a hitch on the day.

It is usually recommended that you start your wedding first dance lessons around 3 months before your wedding (although most dance teachers are pretty accommodating and will help you put something together closer to the time). Your dance teacher will work with you from the very beginning. If you already have a song picked out, they will help you to come up with some choreography that fits the song and your personality.

If you haven’t come to a final decision on your song, your dance teacher will help you to decide on one that is easy to dance to in a way that looks good. They will have plenty of experience with couples with all levels of dance experience, from complete beginners and up. They will know how to create a routine that you will be able to follow and that will look amazing.

You can then attend regular lessons in the run-up to your wedding where you will practice your routine with your dance teacher’s help so that you can get it absolutely perfect. With wedding dance lessons, you can take all of the stress out of performing your first dance and just relax into your practiced choreography. And wow your guests at the same time!

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