There are countless dance styles out there, and each has its own unique charm. Some are fun and energetic, some require high levels of control and discipline, and some are beautiful and romantic. But do we really have to be constrained by genre? Of course we don’t! Dance is an art and we can make art anything we want it to be. And that’s where fusion dance comes in.

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Fusion dance is usually improvised, although it can be choreographed as well as you can see in this video of Arthur Santos and Patricia Lozana fusing Brazilian zouk with reggaeton and urban dance. It involves combining elements from two, or even more, dance styles to create a fusion (hence the name!).

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Dance and music go hand in hand, and there are lots of examples of the fusion of different musical genres. Folk-punk, country rap, and nu-metal, to name just a handful. Fusing different genres together can be just as natural with dancing. It requires a really good understanding of the different dance styles that you are combining together so that you can pick out the different elements that will merge seamlessly. And it also requires some creativity so that you can see the vision of the fusion dance that you are trying to create.

When fusion dance is improvised as a partner dance, it also requires a very high level of communication between the dancers. It can be difficult enough to communicate seamlessly when improvising with a dance partner, and adding elements from a different dance style can make it even more difficult to respond in the right way.

With that being said, when fusion dance comes together it can be amazing, as you can see in the video. And, who knows, we might even see a whole new dance genre emerging from two that have been fused together at some point. Watch this space!

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