Ginga is the term used today to describe Kizomba Lady Styling movements, however, Ginga is not just the way women move while dancing Kizomba. Men can also have Ginga, that’s why it’s important to understand what is what. Check out this Kizomba lady style choreography from Kizombalove Academy as an example.

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Ginga choregraphie by Sarah Amaro 0 31 screenshot e1668503099380

Notice how all the women are using their arms and hands, how they move their hips and shoulders, how they smile. Pay attention to the flow of movements and the position of their bodies, how effortless everything feels, and how natural everything looks. That’s what Ginga is all about. It’s the beauty of the steps and moves you make that create your image and personality on the dance floor.

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So fundamentally Ginga is the styling in your dance and how you carry yourself. Both Men Styling and Lady Styling classes are teaching Ginga. And since Men Styling classes and dance videos are a lot less popular than Lady Styling classes and videos, many people started falsely attributing Ginga only to women’s dancing. I hope that my explanation made it clearer for you to understand all the differences in the terms and how they relate to each other.

If you want to add Ginga to your Kizomba or Semba dancing, I would recommend finding a local dance studio that focuses a lot on styling for both men and women. And if your studio doesn’t have such classes, then ask your teacher to give you some tips on how you can develop your own Ginga. Regularly attending social dance events is not just a great way to practice new moves, it’s key to creating your own style and improving your overall movement quality. Don’t be afraid to experiment on the dance floor and be original, but always remember to practice safety and awareness at all times.

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