Dance is one of the oldest forms of art in existence. It has been around for centuries, is still popular today and most likely will stay with us forever. There has been so many types of dances that it’s hard to say what is the meaning of dance in general. There are ceremonial, recreational, fitness or even therapy dances as well as dances as a form of artistic expression, which are divided into different varieties (ballet, contemporary, salsa, etc). Every style of dance is unique in its own way and has its own purpose and meaning for the dancer who performs it. What all these different types have in common is that they are all fun and enjoyable to perform or watch and can be emotionally touching for the audience as well.

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Check out this choreography from Gustavo Vargas as an example. What makes this performance so special is the emotions he conveys through the music, costumes and the movements he created with the dancers. The feelings are so strong that they fill the entire room with this unique vibe and capture your attention from the beginning until the end.

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In this case the real meaning of dance is storytelling through movement and connecting with an audience on an emotional level. This is an art form that is universal and brings people together in a unique way that is both uplifting and exhilarating at the same time. It is a form of communication that doesn’t require translation and connects people from different cultures from all over the world.

As humans we communicate in different ways and one of the ways is through movement. It’s a non-verbal form of expression which sometimes says more in a one-minute performance than hours of speaking can express. It’s a truly powerful art form that can touch the heart and move the soul which is why it’s loved around the world by people of all ages, races and religions.

It doesn’t matter what the purpose of dance is – to invoke rain, attract a partner, to loose some weight or just to have some fun at a party with friends – what matters is that dance will always be here with us and will never disappear from the face of the earth just like language, writing and other forms of human communication.

It evolves each day and always brings something new to the audience every time someone performs a dance. It can be powerful and it can be simple, but it’s always beautiful to watch and makes you want to get up and move to the beat. If you feel like enrolling into a dance class check out your local dance studio and see what they have to offer. And who knows maybe one day you will be the one performing on stage in front of the audience and hopefully inspire them the way you were inspired today watching this awesome choreography.

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