Timba is a super energetic Cuban music that originated in the 1990s and has become popular all over the world. It’s a fusion of various styles, like salsa, son cubano, jazz, rumba, mambo and other Cuban folkloric music, with a big focus on percussion instruments and broken beats. Timba dance is known for its fast and complicated footwork, as well as its intricate body movements. The dance is usually performed to a fast and upbeat songs, with dancers moving their body, hips, arms and shoulders in sync with complicated rhythms.

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If you want to see some impressive examples of Timba in action, Lisandra García and Victor Gonzaléz have a video showcasing this amazing dance style as well as the solo version of the dance – Timba Suelta. It allows dancers to express themselves and show off their individual style, and this video is a great example of the artistry and skill that can be achieved through this dance form. In a nutshell it’s a somewhat aggressive and sexy mix of salsa, reggaeton, cuban rumba and other traditional cuban dances.

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One of the coolest things about Timba is that it’s all about improvising and being creative. Dancers are encouraged to express themselves through their movements and come up with original combinations. This means that Timba performances can be really unique and personal.

Timba is usually danced by a couple, with the man leading and the woman following, but it’s also common for dancers to split up during their dance and to improvise solo maintaining communication just like in our today’s video. Timba has roots in the Afro-Cuban music and dance traditions of Havana, but it’s also been influenced by other styles like jazz, funk, and hip hop. This mix of influences makes Timba a versatile and dynamic dance form that anyone can enjoy.

Timba is not only a fun social dance, but it’s also performed in competitions and shows around the world. A lot of people study Timba as a way to stay fit and active because the fast-paced movements, muscle isolation and intricate footwork give you a great cardiovascular workout. However it’s so much more fun than hitting the gym! Instead of monotonous treadmill runs or repetitive weightlifting routines, this dance styles allows you to let loose and have a blast while getting fit. Plus, with its focus on creativity and improvisation, Timba is never boring – you can come up with new combinations and express yourself through your movements every time you dance.

So if you want to have a great time learning to dance, get your heart racing, and get fit all at the same time, give Timba a try – whether you want to dance with a partner or go solo with Timba Suelta. Call any of your local Cuban salsa studios or clubs and ask them if they know any place where it’s being taught. Yes, it may require a bit of time to do some search, but it will be worth it!

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