So we all know that dancing is a great form of exercise. It can help you to lose weight, improve your heart health and overall fitness, boost your strength and muscle definition, and improve your coordination and flexibility.

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But for really good results, you need to be exercising more often than a once a week class. And adding supplemental workouts won’t just help to boost your fitness. It will also improve your dancing. So if you want to be able to dance with the same coordination, flexibility, and energy as the dancers in this video (and who wouldn’t?!), try adding something new to your weekly exercise routine.


So what types of exercise do dancers do to keep themselves fit between dance training sessions?


Pilates really is the go-to supplemental exercise for dancers because it relies on many of the same techniques and targets muscles in the same way. Its aim is to strengthen your body in an even way, with a particular focus on core muscles. It can help to improve your posture, muscle tone, balance, mobility, and flexibility.


Yoga and pilates are quite similar which is why yoga is another top choice for dancers, but they do have some differences. With yoga, there is less of an emphasis on repetitive movements and more of an emphasis on holding poses and breathing. It is also more focused on flexibility than pilates, but it is still a form of strength training as well.

Aerobic training

To be able to dance to the best of your ability, you need to have a high level of cardio fitness. So to boost this, many dancers take part in some form of aerobic training. Types of aerobic training include running, swimming, cycling, or using gym equipment. Some professional dancers are limited to what they can do because boosting the wrong muscles can interfere with their dance technique, but for people who dance mainly for fun, it really doesn’t matter.

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