It’s a common mistake to think that to draw attention to yourself, you are required to wear a bold outfit. Yes, you may catch a few glances from strangers, but the effect is temporary. The key ingredient that always works is confidence. Check out this video and remember those dancers that attract your attention the most.

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When a woman is confident, she can wear the most inconspicuous clothes, however, she won’t be able to hide anyway. Because the energy that comes from self-confidence cannot be hidden, it goes miles away from its source. 

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This secret ingredient feeds all levels of personality and the result of this process is magic. We call it charisma. A charismatic person automatically becomes beautiful, attractive, and interesting in the eyes of others. Certainly, that confidence should be a real one that comes from within. Fake confidence is not attractive and most people on an intuitive level would feel the difference.

In this video, we can see how confidence works. Dancers that add this secret ingredient draw the most attention to them. And it is not about beauty, because all performers are pretty. Dancers that love and trust themselves are not afraid of not being liked or appreciated and this mindset is liberating. 

It gives them the freedom to express their emotions without restraint. Self-confidence is crucial to dancers because it gives them the ability to move freely. Our body is mirroring our mindset. This means that a mind full of limiting beliefs creates body tension. For a dancer, it can cause a restraint pattern of moving. So, a confident mind is more relaxed and therefore this type of dancer can express his or her emotions and feelings with more freedom during the performance.

Therefore, if you are a dancer and you would like to become more attractive and charismatic during shows or competitions, invest your time into boosting your self-esteem, self-love, and confidence. This investment will pay you back a million times more.

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