Kizomba and Zouk are two amazing dances that have some things in common. They both can be danced to the same songs which have pretty identical rhythmic patterns. However their dance structures, the moves, the flow and the emotions they evoke in dancers are very different. Which makes the fusion of these two dance styles very exciting and easy to accomplish.

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Take a look at this video of Sarah Lopez and Ivo showcasing Kizouk demo at Zouk Encounter Dance festival in San Diego. As you can probably already tell Kizouk is the combination of Kizomba and Zouk in a wonderful mix that works very well together. It retains the beautiful and passionate energy of the Kizomba but adds fluidity and playfulness of Zouk to create a hybrid that has the best of both worlds.

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One of the biggest differences between Kizomba and Zouk is that Kizomba is a more closed dance form. Dancers usually hold each other very close for the duration of the dance and the music tends to be slower and more romantic in nature. On the other hand, Zouk is a very open dance form. Dancers tend to move around a lot more and they move from one side of the dance floor to the other much more frequently. The music is also much brighter and faster paced. Zouk allows for more creativity and flexibility when it comes to improvisation and overall musicality. The combination of these two styles definitely creates a new form that is both exciting and fun to dance and at the same time allows for a certain level of intimacy and emotional expression between partners.

The main reason why Kizouk didn’t get as popular as other social dance styles in the past is probably due to the fact that it is very difficult and complicated to master both dance styles individually. It takes a lot of time and effort for a dancer to become proficient in either one of them so for most people it is just easier to stick to the one they like the most. Although this makes it very difficult to find a partner who’s a good dancer in both styles at the same time there are still many experienced and talented dancers who practice and teach both styles on a regular basis.

To be completely honest however it really doesn’t matter much what dance styles you can dance as long as you’re having a great time dancing and doing what you enjoy most. At the end of the day the most important thing is the experience and the people that you are dancing with. If you feel creative at any moment of the dance you can always try to come up with your own moves and combinations and just follow your heart! It’s all about having fun after all!

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