Kizomba flashmobs or better to say ‘challenges’ are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. These events are a great way to get people around the world together, have some fun, and learn new moves. They are also usually shot from different angles and filmed using professional-grade equipment so the result is not only a fun experience for the participants but also a great piece of video to share with your friends and family! Something great that the internet will remember forever.

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Check out this couple’s flashmob from Team Nairobi, Kenya. Notice the beautiful scenes and choreography, fantastic music, custom-designed costumes and of course the cheerful vibe. This type of video challenges (flashmobs) are often organized by World Kizomba Project, a well-known online dance school. They regularly post similar videos from all corners of the world on their Youtube channel so make sure to check them out if you haven’t already!

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So why are kizomba flashmobs becoming so popular? The main reason is that they bring people who have a common interest together – in this case, it’s dancing! They also provide the opportunity to learn new moves, experience other cultures, and most importantly connect with others on a different level. Of course, there are also many unique personal reasons why people take part in these events which we don’t know anything about but you get the idea. All of these factors make these videos fun and enjoyable to watch and give us something to look forward to in the future.

However, there’s also one not-so-obvious reason why people choose to participate in kizomba flashmobs. Most participants are not professional dancers, it’s their after-work hobby or weekend activity that their friends and family know almost nothing about. So having this video and sharing it online provides them the opportunity to showcase their new skills or maybe even provide proof to their loved ones that what they’re doing is fun and rewarding. Because let’s be honest many people still have no idea that Kizomba exists and what it is.

If you’re thinking about taking part or organizing a flashmob of your own I’d highly recommend you check out World Kizomba Project’s youtube channel for inspiration and contact them if you have any questions at all. They’ll be able to guide you through the process and give you valuable tips and advice to get you started. Good luck and happy dancing!

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