First of all lets start with the basics. Kizomba Lady Style dance is the same beautiful Kizomba dance without the leading partner. What this means is that it is danced to Kizomba music, but only by woman in a group or solo. This format got really popular lately all over the world, so here we are going to explain why.

YouTube video

Check out this video posted by the Luis y Kara Kizomba channel for example. Here you can see a different variation of Kizomba lady style with the same great music and a great vibe. However it can be best described as Urban Kizomba or Kizomba Fusion as it incorporates elements from other dances not typical for traditional Kizomba. And this leads us to our first reason why this dance style got so pupular…

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It allows more creativity

Usually there is a lead and a follow in Kizomba which means there are some basic rules and steps which define the dance and should be at least to a certain degree recognized and understood by your dance partner. However in this type of dancing there are no leading or following roles and the women are free to do whatever they like. This means that you can dance to your hearts content without any limitations or restrictions.

Of course there should be at least some connection with Kizomba nonetheless otherwise it should not be called Kizomba Lady Style. But the degree of freedom is much higher here than with a regular Kizomba because there are fewer rules involved, which lets you be more creative and innovative in your dancing and approach to the music.

There is no need for partner

Kizomba Lady Style is focused on hand styling moves and footworks as the main priority of the dance. This means that you do not need a partner to be able to enjoy this dance as all the moves can be executed on your own.

Moreover, every social dance student knows that sometimes it can be difficult to find a male partner for a dance class. This can be a real problem if you really enjoy a particular type of dance and you really want to practice it but have no opportunity to do it.

So for those women out there who are afraid that they won’t be able to practice their favorite dance anymore, Lady Style classes might be the solution, regardless of whether it is Kizomba, Bachata or Salsa.

Opportunity to explore and embrace your femininity

Many women today lack self confidence and are always trying to live up to societal norms and be what society expects them to be – more productive, strong, independent, successful and so on. This can easily get very stressful, which is probably the main reason why men live on average at least 5 years less than women.

So in order to get back in touch with your feminine energy and start feeling good about yourself you need to focus on your emotional and spiritual wellbeing rather than on productivity and success in the outside world. And this is exactly where dancing can help, especially if it’s a lady styling class.

This type of dancing is all about expressing your femininity through your body movement and your emotions so in the end you’ll be more relaxed and happy from within. And this will reflect on the outside as well – the way you move, smile, talk to others and even think of yourself.

During lady styling classes you constantly work with your reflection in the mirror, learning to love your body and express yourself in a sensual way. Kizomba Lady Style is truly a wonderful way to boost your confidence and connect to your inner feminine power.

Bottom line

Kizomba Lady Styling class is an opportunity to feel free from the everyday stress and negativity and enjoy a fun and relaxing environment that is full of positive energy and good vibes. You are surrounded by like-minded people who share a common passion for dance and ready to have a good time!

If you never tried it before we encourage you to call your local dance studio and sign up for the next Kizomba lady styling class. We guarantee that you will love it!

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