High heels. You either love to wear them or you hate to. For those who are a fan of the stiletto, wearing high heels can become quite addictive because they have this strange power to impart a wave of confidence every time you step out. That’s the basis of Pumpfidence – a dance class designed and taught by Brinn Nicole. Check out the video to see a range of dancers demonstrating some beginner Pumpfidence choreography and you will see their confidence shining through.

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Pumpfidence is a form of heels dance. This dance style is very modern and it is the style of dance that you will often see performed by backing dancers in music videos. It is so named because the dancers invariably wear high heels. The dance style itself is highly technical and the dancers often have a classically trained background in jazz, ballet, or contemporary.

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Heels dance is a true mish-mash of a wide variety of dance styles that defies categorization. You might see elements of showgirl, belly dance, jazz, ballroom, contemporary, Latin, and more. Going to a heels dance class can help you learn how to walk and dance in heels, get you fit, and give you a lot of extra confidence. You will come out of it feeling like an absolute god/goddess.

And Brinn Nicole takes this confidence to a whole new level with Pumpfidence. To her, dance is not just a physical activity, it is also deeply spiritual. She sees Pumpfidence as a way of connecting with your inner femininity, with the music itself, and with the spiritual world.

If you sign up for her monthly membership, you won’t just get dance tutorials (some live), but you will also receive monthly journaling sessions, a monthly Zoom call to connect with Brinn and other members, as well as spiritual and mental health guidance.

Brinn is a highly successful dancer who has been on tour with Snoop Dogg and choreographed/danced with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Pitbull, Queen Latifa, Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, and Mackelmore. And she has also done the same for shows such as Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, X-Factor, Jimmy Kimmel, and The Late, Late Show.

But along with her professional dance career, Brinn is also deeply spiritual and has a passion for changing lives through spirituality. Pumpfidence is the meeting of these two aspects of Brinn Nicole’s experience and passion.

If you want some Pumpfidence, you can sign up for her Going in with Brinn membership and learn a lot about yourself as well as how to dance in heels. And there might also be some heel dance classes near you. Either way, you couldn’t get a better way of feeling more confident in yourself, your body, and in a pair of heels!

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