It can be so easy when you’re in a long term relationship to stop prioritizing you as a couple. Whether it’s work, the house, the kids, or other responsibilities, all too often we leave our romantic relationship at the bottom of the to-do list.

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And that can make you feel as though you have grown apart. Lots of couples turn to taking a dance class as a way of bringing them closer together, and it really does work!

1) It carves out time for you

Even when you know you should be spending more time together, if you only have vague plans to have a date night at some point, the days can easily turn into weeks, which can turn into months. But if you have a dance class scheduled at the same time each week, you are much more likely to fit your time together in.

2) It helps with communication

If you’ve ever been on a team-building exercise, you will know that working together to achieve a goal is one of the best ways to forge a relationship and improve communication. And when you are learning a dance together as a couple, this is exactly what you’re doing!

3) It brings back the romance

There is no doubt about it that dance is romantic. You may very well find that you and your partner are swept off your feet all over again when you take a dance class together. Something like bachata is ideal for this, as you will definitely see when you check out the video. No one could walk away from dancing like that without feeling at least a little romantic!

4) It keeps you both fit and healthy

Our physical health definitely impacts our mental health. Taking the time together to do something that helps keep you fit and healthy will make you both happier. And this will help to keep your relationship happy!

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