If you’re looking for a fun way to exercise and express yourself through movement, consider checking out a Zouk Lady Style classes. This popular dance trend focusing on women’s styling is making waves around the world. You’ve probably seen Bachata or Kizomba Lady Styling videos before, so now we have Brazilian Zouk with the same idea, let’s check it out:

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In a new video, instructor Andrea Martinez and her students perform an energetic Zouk Lady Style choreography set to the song “Dale” by N.E.D. Filmed in their bright, mirrored studio in Valencia, Spain, the ladies shimmy and sway in unison as they follow Andrea’s lead. Their hips swivel and arms twist in dramatic poses accentuating the pulsing beats.

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Andrea’s passion for dance is evident as she guides the group through the routine. The choreography incorporates foundational Zouk steps along with unique lady styling embellishments involving sensual body rolls, rhythmic footwork, and expressive arm movements. As the music builds, the dancers hit each mark with flair and enthusiasm. Their smiles light up the room almost as much as their flashy combos.

Videos like this showcase what makes the Lady Style approach so popular. Zouk originated as a partner dance, but Lady Style classes are only for women. This environment offers a supportive sisterhood for women to build confidence, strength, and fluidity in their dancing. No male partner is needed! The choreography focuses entirely on the footwork, hipwork, spins, and stylings traditionally done by the woman’s role. So while male leads work on their own skills separately, Lady Style empowers the women to own their space on the dance floor.

Video like these make it clear that Zouk Lady Style is about so much more than just dance moves. It’s about unleashing expression, connecting with other women, and having fun while getting an excellent workout. From beginners to advanced students, dancers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. No prior dance experience is required to join a Zouk class in your local area.

Lady Style removes barriers that might hold some women back from trying partner dancing, like not wanting to rely on a lead’s skills or dealing with partners in general. The women run the show in Lady Style classrooms and social dances. This builds confidence that translates directly into better dancing dynamics, musicality, and connection when partnering does occur. So if you’re thinking about joining such classes, now is the time!

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