One of the newest crazes to hit the fitness scene is pole dancing. More and more people are seeing the huge range of benefits that you can get from jumping on a pole and the craze doesn’t look like it’s dying down any time soon. Pole dancing requires not only strength, but also flexibility, a high level of fitness, and coordination. It’s a whole-body workout in a single class. And there will be a range of classes for you to choose from near you since they are popping up everywhere. But if you don’t want to learn in a class (at least at first) or if you want the chance to practice your skills outside of class time, then buying a dancing pole for your home is a great option, even if it’s just a small apartment. You might be surprised to learn just how easy setting up a pole at home is, and just how many great quality dance poles there are out there.

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Best dance poles to use at home

OULAIZ Dancing Pole for Beginner and Professional Dancers

This dance pole is perfect if you want a more permanent and stable pole for use in your home. It has both spin and static modes, so you can use it in whatever mode you like. One of the complaints that lots of people have with dancing poles is how loud they are in spin mode, but this pole is pretty quiet when it’s spinning. There is also no gap between the different sections of the pole, which makes it less likely that you will injure yourself when you’re dancing on it.

It is 45mm wide, which is the same width as professional dancing poles, so it should match perfectly with the pole that you use in class. It can fit a ceiling up to 9 feet tall. Sizing the pole to your room can get a little tricky, so the instructions helpfully provide a guide showing which sections of pole you should use depending on the height of your ceiling.

Main features:

  • Spin and static modes
  • 45mm wide
  • Height – adjustable up to 9ft
  • Maximum weight – 440lbs
  • No gap between pole sections
  • Protection for ceiling and floor

SereneLife Professional Upgrade Spinning Dance Pole

The thing that really stands out about this dance pole is the quality of the workmanship. It is made of solid steel, which means that it won’t rust. This is a really important feature for dance poles because any flakiness is a tiny sharp edge that your skin could get caught on, which can cut you. It also has high precision joints that are as close to being completely flush as possible, further reducing the chance of you catching your skin on the pole. This is also a dance pole that can be set to static or spinning, meaning that you can use it whatever your ability level or pole dancing style. It can hold a whopping 617 lbs of weight, so you never need to worry about it falling down while you’re using it.

It can fit a room 6.7-9 feet high and you can change the pole and extenders around to fit your room. You can also buy extra extenders if your room is higher than 9 feet. There is no need to screw anything into your ceiling, and there is no special ceiling device, so it can be taken down again without leaving a mark. It has a silicone ring at the bottom which will prevent the pole from damaging your floors.

Main features:

  • Spin and static modes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Height – 6.7ft to 9ft
  • Maximum weight – 617lbs
  • Silicone base
  • Held in place by pressure (no screws)
  • Rust free

Pro-Fit Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole

If portability is a must for you, then this dance pole is a great option. It doesn’t have the weight-bearing capabilities of some of the heavier poles, with a maximum of 250 lbs, but it makes up for it with how easy it is to install, uninstall, and transport. Some people need to be able to take their poles with them, and you don’t want to be spending hours moving the pole around every time.

It can fit a ceiling height of up to 9 feet and with additional extenders, this can go up to 10 feet. It is super easy to disassemble and it even comes with a handy carry bag for taking it with you wherever you need to go. It is also lightweight which means that carrying it around isn’t too much of a hassle.

This is a 45 mm standard size dancing pole that can be set to spin or static mode and it even comes with a fun LED light that can be set to “stay on” or “light show” for when you want to perform. And if you have a party at home with your pole there, it is almost certain that those LED lights will be coming on and your guests will have some fun!

Main features:

  • Height – 7.6ft – 9ft
  • Width – 45mm
  • Maximum weight – 250lbs
  • Extensions available to take it up to 10ft
  • Spin and static mode
  • Lightweight
  • Carry bag included

Professional poles from Lupit Pole

If you’re looking for a professional-grade durable and hard-wearing pole, then Lupit Pole has lots of great options. They are a dedicated pole dance and aerial sports company that pride themselves on making high-quality professional pole dance and aerial sports equipment and accessories.

All of the Lupit Pole dance poles have a similar design that incorporates some key details to make the pole as durable as possible. They are all multi-piece but use fewer extensions to make them more stable. This is because there are fewer weak points on the pole that could potentially bend or break.

You don’t need to drill to fix the pole into your apartment or house, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your floor or ceiling. They can all also be set to static or spinning depending on what type of dancing you want to do. The Lupit Pole dance pole is as smooth as possible with a cover that fits over the lower joints. This is important in a dance pole because if there is a gap that you could catch a part of your body on, there is a potential that you could get injured quite easily.

The dance poles also have quadruple ball bearings to help with topspin, safety block nuts to reduce the chance of them loosening, and an improved joint system and upgraded bearing systems to help improve the spin. On top of this, there is an upper disc flex system. This system helps to absorb the bending force that happens when you are swinging on the pole to better distribute it evenly along the pole. This reduces the chance of the pole warping, bending, or breaking.

The basic kits for the Lupit Pole dance poles have a height of 2300mm – 2800mm, but you can buy an additional extension kit to increase the height to 3300mm. They come in a variety of thicknesses and materials so you can make the perfect choice for yourself.

Lupit Pole Professional Dance Pole for Home 45mm Stainless Steel

This pole is the thicker style of 45mm, which is standard in America and the UK. It can be more difficult to do hand grips if you have smaller hands but it does make it easier to perform leg grips. And if you will be using other poles outside the home, in a competition, or at a studio, then some people do find it easier to practice on a standard thickness pole at home as well.

This pole is made of stainless steel, which is hypoallergenic and very strong. The stainless steel is polished to give a highly smooth surface. This smoothness makes it easier to perform more advanced tricks but it can be more difficult for complete beginners to get enough of a grip on the pole. With that being said, there are lots of beginners who learn on a stainless steel pole and who excel after getting over the initial learning curve.

Lupit Pole Professional Dance Pole 42mm Stainless Steel

This is the same as the previous stainless steel dance pole except that it is a thinner design. Thinner poles can be easier for complete beginners to learn on, especially if you have a smaller hand span, so this pole will be perfect if you have smaller hands and want to practice pole dancing at home while able to get a decent grip on the pole.

Lupit Pole Professional Dance Pole for Home 45mm Chrome

This is a thicker pole and it is made of chrome instead of stainless steel. Chrome has the same shiny look like stainless steel but without the slipperiness. The inner pole is made from steel that is then coated in chrome which gives it a mirrored shiny look. Chrome is often a concern for nickel-allergy sufferers, but the chrome on this pole is nickel-free so you don’t need to worry about that.

The benefit of a chrome pole over a stainless steel pole is that it is more grippy. This makes it much easier for beginners and those with more slippery hands or weaker hand strength to keep their grip on the pole. It can make it more difficult to do more advanced pole dance moves because you can’t slide around the pole as easily, but chrome is a great option for most people.

Lupit Pole Professional Dance Pole for Home 45mm Powder Coated

Powder-coating takes a pole to another level of grippiness beyond the chrome coating. A powder-coated pole doesn’t have the smooth surface that even a chrome-coated pole has so your hands are very, very unlikely to slip. That makes this pole perfect for complete beginners who don’t have the hand strength to grip onto a stainless steel or chrome pole as well as for dancers that have trouble with slippery hands. Its black finish also looks a little bit different from normal poles so will give your dancing area a unique look.

Pole dancing equipment and accessories

Pole dancing is a style of dance and fitness that requires, at the very least, the use of a pole. Even though you can definitely pole dance without them, it will make your pole dance life a lot easier if you also grab yourself some useful equipment and accessories.

Dance Pole Crash Mats

Pole dancing is a high-energy and high-impact sport. You will be getting both speed and height when you dance on the pole and, at some point, you will fall off. Giving yourself a soft landing can help to avoid some painful and unsightly bruises after your practice. Dance pole crash mats are cleverly designed to leave no space around your pole where you could hit the floor directly. They tend to be circular and come in sections, with a hole cut out in the middle for your pole to be placed into.

Pole Dancing Crash Mat from LUPIT POLE

This dance pole crash mat is 4’11” in diameter and 4.7″ in thickness and it can be used with dance poles of any thickness. If you have a dance pole at home, it will definitely be compatible with this mat. It is made from EPE (expanded polyethylen) covered with vegan leather and anti-slip fabric at the bottom. It is designed to be durable and it comes in four sections that can be placed around your pole. It also comes with built-in handles so you can bring your crash mate with you wherever you are going to be dancing.

Pole Tribe Pole Dance Mats

Pole Tribe has a great reputation for quality. These dance pole crash mats are 3.6 inches thick and 5 feet in diameter and they come in black, violet, and sea blue. The extra thickness will give you a soft landing and the diameter will help to make sure that you won’t slip off the edges if you do happen to fall. They will fit most standard poles with an extra bit of room for the pole to spin. They are also easy to fold and can be taken with you wherever you go.

Pole Tribe have tested their crash mats and found that they are stiletto-proof, which is probably something that most people wouldn’t even have thought of but that is vital when it comes to pole dancing. Stilettos can be extremely sharp and you will be spending a lot of time stepping or jumping on the crash mat while you dance, so if it isn’t strong enough to withstand a stiletto heel, it isn’t going to last.

Grip Accessories

The key to pole dancing is being able to grip the pole. Of course, with practice, you should be able to do this with ease. But when you’re first starting out, it can be helpful to grab yourself some accessories that will give you a better chance of being able to grip onto the pole every time. And even if you aren’t just starting out, grip accessories can help you get a good handle on the pole so that you can concentrate on executing your tricks.

Mighty Grip Pole Dance Full Tacky Knee Climbing Pads

These climbing knee pads are great because they have padding to help protect your knees if you do happen to fall off the pole but they are also designed to aid you in gripping onto the pole in the first place. They have an open back to help you bend you get enough contact with the pole and they have tack strips that are separated out into sections so that they move with your knee.

They are thin and comfortable and can be easily worn for both floor work and pole work so you don’t need to worry about them being bulky and in the way at any point in your routine.

Mighty Grip Pole Dancing Gloves

Also from Mighty Grip, these pole dancing gloves are perfect for beginners and advanced pole dancers alike. They are tight-fitting to prevent your hands from slipping around inside the gloves and they have tack strips on the outside that can help you to grip onto the pole. Sweaty and slippery hands can make it almost impossible for you to complete the tricks that you are trying to achieve and they can also be a safety issue because they can cause you to fall off the pole. These gloves will help to prevent that from happening and make sure that your grip on the pole is as tight as it can be. They can also help you to pull off some of the more advanced moves because you can focus on what you need to do without worrying about your hands slipping.

They can also help to protect your hands from calluses that can be caused by constant shifting and contact with the pole and they can absorb your sweat. These gloves will be one of your go-to pole dancing accessories as soon as you try them on!

Mighty Grip Black Pole Dance Ankle Protectors

These are another product from Mighty Grip and they are designed for your lower legs and ankles. When you pole dance it can be surprising just how many parts of your body need to be able to effectively grip the pole, and your lower legs and ankles are some of those body parts. Just like your knees and hands, these parts of your body can be prone to slipping which can prevent you from executing your movements and can cause you to slip off the pole.

These ankle protectors use the same kind of tacky strips like the other Mighty Grip products which can help you to get that extra bit of grip on the pole. They can also protect your lower legs and ankles from bruising.

iTAC2 Level 4 (Extra Strength) Total Absolute Control Dance Pole Sports Grip 20gm

Wearing grip products like gloves, knee pads, and ankle pads can be one way of helping you to grip the pole, but there is another way as well. Rather than wearing clothing that has tacky strips to grip the pole, there are also products out there that you can apply directly to your skin or the pole that can directly add the tackiness that you need.

The iTAC2 is used by pole dancing professionals and it works by adding a layer of moisture and stickiness to your skin to help you to grip the pole. It is made with organic ingredients and can be removed afterward. It is a gel that you add directly to your pole so that you can be sure that whichever part of your body is gripping the pole, you will get the same amount of stickiness.

Togear Liquid Chalk

Unlike the iTAC2, which you apply to the pole itself, the Togear Liquid Chalk is designed to be used on your hands. Favored by weight lifters, liquid chalk is made from pure magnesium carbonate which helps to effectively increase the friction of the skin of your hands. And just like weight lifters, pole dancers also rely on their hands to be able to grip onto a metal pole without any slipping.

The problem with using normal chalk is that it is messy and is very difficult to carry around but liquid chalk is mess-free and this one even comes in a handy travel-sized container so that you can take it with you to pole dance and have that extra grip wherever you are.

The best way of achieving the best grip that you can is to use as many of these grip products in conjunction with each other. So use the liquid chalk on your hands and then also add the iTAC2 to the pole as well. That way you can be sure that you won’t slip at all.

Why choose pole dancing?

Pole dancing does, of course, have sensual roots, although its history isn’t just limited to strip clubs and exotic dance. It also has an acrobatic background which began 800 years ago with the sport of Mallakhamb in India. It was a test of endurance, strength, and acrobat ability.

Nowadays, pole fitness is a mixture of both of these things. There are lots of opportunities to take exotic pole dancing classes to learn the best sensual moves, but there is also another side that is making pole fitness more of a sport. There are pole dancing competitions and even calls to make it an Olympic sport.

Pole dancing is both an art form and a type of exercise. You can learn either one or you can go ahead and learn both because many of the skills will translate across. It really all depends on what suits your needs and your personality. Whichever style of pole dancing takes your fancy, you can rest assured that you will get a wide range of benefits from taking it up. These can include:

1) Weight loss

Pole dancing is amazing for weight loss. It is a form of aerobic exercise and has you making big movements that use every muscle in your body, so you will burn a ton of calories. You can expect to burn between 300 and 600 calories per class, which is equivalent to how many you would burn running.

2) Toning

Pole dancing isn’t just an aerobic exercise, it is also a strength exercise. To pull off some amazing pole dancing moves, you are going to need to utilize just about every muscle in your body, from your legs, your core, to your arms. And the more you work those muscles, the bigger they will get and the more toned you will look.

3) Fun

So while you could burn the same number of calories running, and you could also build muscle by lifting weights, choosing pole dancing can often be a better option. And that’s for one simple reason – it is fun! You are much more likely to want to stay dancing those extra 20 minutes that can make all the difference than you are to want to keep running or lift those last few weights. And you are also more likely to want to turn up more often. Making exercise fun is one of the best ways of ensuring that you are consistent. And being consistent is the best way to see results.

4) Confidence

When you hear people waxing lyrical about pole dancing and pole fitness, one of the things they almost always mention is how much confidence they have gained from it. Pole dancing makes you feel strong, and it makes you feel sexy and fun. You will walk out of your pole dancing class, or away from your pole at home, with an extra spring in your step and an air of confidence about you. Especially if you have just nailed a particular;y difficult move!

5) It is accessible

Don’t be put off from taking up pole dancing just because you are a beginner. It isn’t necessary at all to have a dance background to be able to pick up pole dancing. Complete beginners are welcome in just about every pole dancing and pole fitness class, and your teacher will be able to help you build your fitness and your confidence. You will be amazed at how far you will go in a short space of time!

6) It can be done in a small apartment

You aren’t just limited to using the dance poles set out in class. It might seem like a cumbersome piece of equipment, but you absolutely can pole dance at home event’s it’s not a big house, but rather a small apartment. In fact, a large percentage of pole dancers will have a pole at home so that they can practice in between classes. And there are also lots of people who choose to learn pole dancing from scratch at home with their own dancing poles.

What to look for in a dance pole

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and get yourself a dance pole to use at home. You definitely won’t regret it! The next thing you are going to need to do is to have a think about what you need from your pole and the features you would like to see.


Do you need to be able to pack your pole up and take it with you? Some people don’t and are happy to have a pole that will stay in the same spot in their home indefinitely. In this case, you can get away with buying a dance pole that may be slightly more complicated to assemble but will hold greater weight and be more sturdy. If you want to be able to pack your dance pole up easily and quickly, you are better off getting a more portable version that may hold slightly less weight.

A lot of dance poles don’t require you to screw anything into your floor or ceiling but are held in place by the upwards and downwards force. This means that even if you are in rented accommodation, you can usually feel pretty comfortable with installing a dance pole because it shouldn’t leave any marks when you come to move out.

Spinning versus static

For more advanced pole dancing, a spinning pole is often a must. The pole will spin in its base, allowing you to spin around and perform more elaborate moves. For beginners, a static pole can be a lot easier to learn on. A lot of dance poles do offer spin and static modes, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Room dimensions

It is time to get the measuring tape out and see how high your ceilings are. Most dance poles come with extenders to fit most of the more common ceiling heights, but if your ceilings are higher than 9 feet, you may need to buy an extra extender so that your pole will reach.


If you are planning on using your home dance pole on a regular basis, it is going to be important for you to get one that is durable. Any defects that appear in your pole won’t just spoil the look, they can also be dangerous. Even the slightest bit of material poking out can cause you an injury because you will be so close against the pole and will be moving along it with both force and speed.

Now we’ve got some idea of what to look for in a dance pole, you’ll be pleased to know that we have collected together the best dance poles on Amazon as decided by customer ratings at the time of the writing of this article. You will definitely be able to find the perfect dance pole for you out of this list.

Top beginner pole dancing moves to learn at home

So you’ve chosen your dance pole, and now is the time to get on it and have a whirl. There are lots of pole dancing moves that you can learn at home, without needing to attend a class. Let’s take a look at the pole dancing basics you will need to get you started.

1) Sitting on the pole

This move is your gateway to performing the more complex pole dancing techniques. It involves wrapping your legs around the pole and holding onto it using your thigh grip. That might sound easy but in practice it is surprisingly difficult. Especially because your goal is to be able to hold onto the pole with your legs only and not use your arms.

2) Chair spin

To be able to perform this spin, you will need to know how to hold your hands in a split grip hold with one hand high on the pole and the other hand low. Then lift your outer leg and push yourself into a swing, lifting the other leg into the air and holding both with the knees bent. Once you gain some confidence, you can even move onto crossing your legs as you spin around.

3) Fireman spin

This is another beginner spin which can look really elegant. You’ll need to hold one the pole with one hand above your head and one at chest height. Then spin the outer leg around the pole in a wide arc and hook it around so that it is crossed at the ankle. At the same time, lift the inside leg and hook it around the pole at the ankle as well so that your knees touch.

4) Climbing the pole

Learning to climb the pole can be quite the challenge at first, but it is something that can definitely be mastered with just a little bit of practice. The key is to make sure that you create a stable anchor for yourself. You do this by holding onto the pole with your dominant hand a higher. Then you take the foot on the same side as your dominant hand and hook it around the pole. Once you have your anchor in place, you can lift the other leg up and swing it around so that the back of the foot is hooked around the pole. Then you can begin to climb up by pulling yourself up with your arms shimmying your legs up with you. Make sure that you have a firm grip of the pole with your knees.

5) Push-pull grip

This is a technically difficult grip that will be important for you to learn if you want to progress onto some of the more complex pole dancing moves. With this grip, you place one arm high up on the pole and one lower down, and you lift your body off the ground. The top arm is the primary arm and will be pulling, whereas the bottom arm is the support arm that is keeping the body stable and pushing you out from the pole. They key is to keep your upper body stable and not allow yourself to collapse into the pole. Once you have mastered the push-pull method, you can use it in a variety of different grip styles that can be used to support some really impressive moves.

6) Floor work

You don’t have to spend your entire time pole dancing with your whole body off the floor. Practicing floor moves is important so that you can condition your body and get your technique perfect. Some examples include: back arch, flamingo pose, back slide, ballet hook, hip dips, box splits, hair flicks, bicycle legs, body rolls and leg waves.

Final thoughts

Learning pole dancing or pole fitness has become popular for good reason. It is a effective and fun form of exercise that will help you to lose weight, build muscle, improve your confidence, and have some fun. And that best part is that you don’t always have to go to a class to practice or learn. You can easily pole dance at home by picking up one of the dance poles we’ve looked at here. Keeping fit at home never has to be boring again!