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Kizomba Lady Style, Body Isolation & Control

Maylie Baroness is a Kizomba lady styling instructor from Brussels, Belgium who is well known for her body isolation and control. And this video is the perfect demonstration of that. The amount of control that Maylie has over every part

Urban Kiz by Boni, Adeline & Isabelle

Here we have Boni Afronovo, Isabelle Crepin, and Adeline Suedois showing us all how Urban Kiz is done! This dance has a really fun storyline to it and the dancers all work together brilliantly while also showing off their amazing

No Es Una Novela Bachata by Marco & Sara

This video is so much fun to watch! Marco and Sara are giants in the bachata world, along with their dance company Esencia. This video shows you bachata performed to absolute perfection. Not only is it shot beautifully, of course,

Blinding Lights Bachata Lady Style Choreo by Anna Belykh

Anna Belykh is a dancer and choreographer from Russia and she definitely knows how to choreograph bachata lady style! As you can see from this video, Anna and her dance group bring the perfect amount of bachata attitude and sensuality

International Kizomba Flashmob in Kyiv

This is such a fun video showing the International Kiz flashmob, Kyiv 2019. You’ll probably remember when flashmobs were all the rage. This one is slightly different to some of the other flashmob styles that you might have seen. It

VersuS Evo Kiz Kizomba Dancing

VersuS is pretty big in the kizomba world! VersuS is the creation of Stefano Marzioni, with his dance partners Sonia and Valentina. As you can probably tell by the high production value of this video, VersuS has a pretty strong

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Love Generation

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you watch this video of Masaka Kids Africana dancing Love Generation is the unbridled joy that the kids bring to their dancing, as well as how amazingly talented they all are. And they

Afro Dance on the Beach by Hector & Mariam

The joy is absolutely infectious in this video by Hector and Mariam showing off some amazing Afro dance moves on a sunny beach. What’s immediately obvious when watching these two dance is just how fun and energetic Afro dance really

Urban Bachata Lady Styling Group Routine by Diamonds Team

Bachata lady styling can be beautiful and sensual, but it can also be fun and high energy, and this video is a great example of that! It’s the Diamonds Team from Russia performing in Moscow with a routine that fuses

Kizomba Lady Style Basics Tutorial by Corina Tripold

If you have ever wanted to learn Kizomba lady styling but you doubted that you could pull it off or you thought you just didn’t have the hips for it, you need to watch this video. Corina Tripold does a

Zouk Dance Improvisation by Arthur Santos & Sara Panero

Check out this video by Arthur Santos and Sara Panero showcasing their amazing zouk improvisation skills. And the gorgeous Madrid sunset location of course adds an extra romantic element to the dance! Sara Panero has been hugely successful as well.

Pablo & Raquel at the Paris Bachata Festival

Here are the one and only Pablo and Raquel, performing at the Paris Bachata Festival in 2018. This is a great video because it really gives you a feel for what it’s like to attend a bachata festival and see