Find Local Dance Classes and Dance Studios

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Find Local Dance Classes & Studios

First of all with Dancelifemap it is very easy to find a local studio or class. All our dance locations are connected to the map. And because of this connection you can locate the closest to you school nearby. In order to search for the nearest place simply click on the compass image in the “Near” search field and tick “Near Me” option.


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Search Parties, Congresses, Workshops & other Dance Events Nearby

There is no point in learning to dance without having a place to connect with other dancers. This is why we created an easy way to share and find local or international social events like parties, congresses and festivals, workshops and intensives of any kind. In addition you are able to search or add new auditions, flash-mobs and contests in your area for free.

Add new dance studio, class, school and event, promote

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Add New Dance Classes / Studios or Events to the Map

Your class or studio is not listed and you would like to add your dance location to our map? It is free and extremely easy to do. Simply add festivals and workshops, classes and schools, parties and castings or any other dance related locations to our map in just few clicks. First, you will have to register on our site. Then choose what you want to add a studio, class or an event at the top navigation bar and follow the instructions. That’s it!

Discover Best Dance School in your City

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Discover Best Dance Classes / Studios in Your City

To find top Dance Classes and Studios in your area look for the most reviewed locations. Although usually the 5-star rating system is a reliable indicator of how good this place is, it could not be necessarily your case. First, see what people say about these schools and their teachers. Then based on those reviews try to figure out if this is something you might actually like.

Salsa, Ballet, Ballroom Dance Lessons and many more

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Salsa, Ballet, Ballroom & other Dance Styles

Search for any style you would like to learn. We are regularly adding new categories, because every now and then people invent new dance genres. We love it, and we believe that there are no rules when it comes to expressing your inner self through the movement of your body. Listen to the music, go with the flow, give it a new name and who knows, maybe someday people from around the world will be learning to dance just like that.

Find the right Dance Teacher for You

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What is the Right Dance Teacher / Choreographer for You?

Every style is wonderful. And every instructor has its own way dancing, teaching and interacting with his students. The same is true with dancers – every one of them is unique and needs a different approach. If you are only a beginner, you should probably know, that there are many dance teachers out there. Try learning the best from each instructor or choreographer you work with, because all of them are really good in one way or another.

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Groups for Adults, Kids, Seniors or even Toddlers

Most parents look for teachers that will be really good at training children. Almost all adults feel more comfortable dancing with partners of their age. And there are seniors who prefer learning new moves among other senior dancers. Yet some prefer mixed groups, because they just love having fun regardless of how old people around them are. Also dance classes for toddlers and their parents are becoming really popular worldwide.  And because of that versatility we ask all of our dance studio owners to fill out as much information about their classes as possible in order to help the right people find them easily.

Lessons, Growing from Beginners to Advanced

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Lessons for Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced

There is no such thing as the right age to start dancing. The only right age to start attending dance classes is when you feel the urge to do it. In case if you have never danced before it is always a good idea to start with the beginner class, and then gradually grow from there. There is nothing worse than being frustrated with your progress simply because you’ve decided to skip the basics.