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There are so many benefits of dancing, that we decided to make it extremely easy for you to find local dance studios regardless of where you are. Search any genres: belly dancing, hip hop, ballroom, contemporary, pole dancing, twerk or others. Choose your location and desired age group for adult dance classes, classes for kids, seniors or even toddlers.
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Local Dance Events

There is no point in learning to dance without having a place to connect with other dancers. The best way to practice what you’ve learned is by attending parties and festivals. So why not participate on local or international events like festivals and congresses? Why not learn more on workshops for beginners or advanced dancer? Why not win a contest or two?
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Need help marketing your venue? List your dance school, class or event in our directory for Free or use our Premium Service to boost your exposure and ensure a constant flow of new dancers coming to you. Register first and then choose what you want to add a studio (class) or an event at the top navigation bar and follow the instructions. It’s easy and takes less than 5 min!

Premium Dance Marketing Services

Dance Video Viral Boost

Your Vimeo or YouTube dance video will be placed on relevant partner sites and social media groups to help you get new channel subscribers, shares and facilitate the viral video effect. You will get at least 1000 guaranteed views from dance lovers across the globe. Thanks to generated shares beautiful and engaging videos will get a lot more! This is a perfect way to attract new audience to your dance community.

Featured Listing Exposure

Schools and events with premium listings will get maximum exposure on DanceLifeMap platform. Your venue will benefit from prioritized placement in relevant search results, extended visibility on related website pages and have a “featured” badge to stand out. On top of that your listing will be shared across all our social media channels: Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Facebook pages & multiple dance groups.

Search Engine Optimization

Our expert will review each premium listing and make personalized changes and off-site optimization to make sure your venue gets to the 1st page of Google search results for local terms such as “Dance classes in Your City” or other related searches. SEO these days is the most valuable long-term investment in your business, it ensures a steady flow of new customers and growth.