Learning any new dance can seem challenging at first. However, Kizomba, an African partner dance originating from Angola, has some unique factors that make picking it up fairly accessible for beginners. Take a look at this demo performed by kizomba super stars Sara Lopez and Kristofer Mencák and then let’s discuss a few key points that address the question “How Difficult is Kizomba to Learn?”

YouTube video

First and foremost, as you’ve probably noticed in the video, Kizomba uses simple, repetitive footwork concentrated on just stepping side to side or back and forth. Unlike dances with complex foot patterns like salsa or swing, mastering the basic Kizomba steps happens quickly. This allows you to focus on other aspects like leading/following or musicality.

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Secondly, Kizomba emphasizes fluid hip motion and lower body styling rather than tricky moves. The looser hip action creates a smooth, flowing style that frees up beginners to relax into the movement. Compared to dances where you must nail technical elements like spins, Kizomba’s movement patterns prove less physically demanding overall.

Finally, Kizomba pairs well with popular music in a romantic style familiar to many. Dancing closely to songs you know and love in a sweet, connected position provides beginners with an element of comfort and familiarity. Lacking complex technical skills or obscure music, Kizomba offers new dancers an easier entry point.

However, some limitations exist too. Lead and follow technique still challenges developing dancers. And musicality nuances take time mastering. But relative to other partner dances, Kizomba offers new students a more straightforward learning curve to gain confidence socially dancing.

So while no dance style proves instantly easy, Kizomba’s simple-to-grasp basics, fluid motion, and recognizable music lower barrier to entry. With some guided practice, most can pick up its foundational elements quickly thanks to these advantageous factors. Give Kizomba a try for yourself and see how fun orienting to its rhythms can be!

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