The most wonderful time of the year brings out the dancer in all of us. Holiday tunes fill the crisp winter air as visions of sugar plums dance in our heads. Why not capture that festive spirit in a Christmas dance video to share the holiday magic with loved ones near and far? You need not be a professional dancer like girls from our today’s video to spread yuletide joy through choreography. Use such videos as an inspiration:

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Being a professional dancer is great and everything, but simply having fun with movement and music can warm even the grinchiest of hearts and I would say, that’s the most important part. So just start by curating a merry playlist that sparkles with diversity. From timeless classics like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to modern melodies like Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me,” let the songs tell a story as varied as Christmas morning itself.

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Then break free from rigid steps and rules. This is not the Nutcracker – precision matters far less than unbridled enthusiasm. Play with elements from ballet, hip hop, jazz, and other genres as the spirit moves you. Build off motifs that capture the essence of the season, like shaking imaginary jingle bells or sprinkling fairy dust snowflakes. Even the silliest ideas overflow with potential when approached with a sense of wide-eyed wonder.

Costumes and props lend even more Christmas magic. Deck the halls with homemade garland boas and jaunty felt elf hats. Twirl a candy cane as you pirouette across the stage. Fan out the pages of a book of Christmas carols to glide and leap as notes on a staff. The more merriment you layer in, the more that inner dancer’s passion will unfold.

And while polished choreography makes for dazzling performances, quirky missteps charm with personality. Embrace the unexpected laughter, the flubbed formation changes, the partner bumps and stumbles. These become the delightful outtakes families will watch again and again. For when we drop the pretense of perfection, we make room for connection to blossom.

So plunge into the deep end with ideas that seem just beyond reach. Christmas dances feel fueled by fantasies of magic sleigh rides, flying reindeer, and dreams coming true. When the pressure of precision lifts, creativity soars to new heights.

Then comes the joy of sharing the end result with loved ones, near and far. Upload your holiday dance video for generations young and old to enjoy on repeat. Sprinkle in surprise cameos from family members adding their own special flair. Let the behind-the-scenes bloopers reel capture smile after smile.

With each viewing, memories multiply like snowflakes – no two ever exactly alike. And when your Christmas dance springs from the heart, it gifts something far more precious than technique alone could ever convey: the chance to dance with the people we cherish most, if only gathered in spirit.

So as you chime along to carols and spin beneath the mistletoe this year, heed temptation’s call to leap, twirl, jive and sway. For when we dance our way merrily into the holidays, we welcome Christmas magic sure to leave spirits glowing bright through the coming year ahead.

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