I invite you to watch this kizomba dance video of Jojo & Mickaela. They danced at the Feeling Kizomba Festival. There were three rows of their students behind them, watching intently and recording on their phones, I’ve never seen so many. Jojo and Mickaela performed after teaching a workshop, demonstrating their kizomba style and incorporating newly learned figures:

YouTube video

If you’re new to this, Kizomba is a partner dance style, where you move your body with slow and sensual movements. The dance itself comes from Angola in Africa. It has a unique rhythm and vibe that makes it stand out, you’ve probably already noticed.

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It is easy to learn to dance kizomba. You can learn it at local dance studios. Age does not matter. Young and old people alike can dance it. One video comment said: “I wished to dance with my wife this way. We are close to sixty now and after all these years I’ve never seen her dance once. Just two days ago she (oddly proclaimed) she might dance next time we are on a cruise. I was shocked and filled with excitement. I better get to practicing!”

Even if you have never danced before, you can start attending kizomba classes. You do not need a partner to begin. Most students come alone and the teachers rotate partners during the lessons. This way, everybody gets to dance with different people.

Maybe you think you cannot move like that. But anyone can learn to move their body with practice. Dancing uses muscles you don’t use every day. The more you dance, the better you get at isolating different body parts and adding sensuality to your movements.

If you have experience in other dances, those skills often transfer over to kizomba. One comment raved: “You know, that was one of the coolest and tightest couples’ performances I’ve seen in a very long time!! Bravo!!!” Another said: “Truly Beautiful, no doubt! I’ve watched a few, but these two have something special!! As we used to say in old school “Silk”!!!”

If you want to try a new style, just start a class. You might really enjoy kizomba once you try it. The only way to know is to take a class and see. Dancing is fun, social, and good exercise too! Check out kizomba dance classes near you. It could become your new favorite activity!

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