Kizomba is one of those dance styles that is very popular, yet everyone understands and dances it a little bit differently. So when it comes to teaching, most aspiring dancers face the same problems – different teachers, different basics steps and different key points. So we decided to make a list of the most useful kizomba video tutorials that will make a beginner’s life easier. The best way to start getting acquainted with a new dance is by learning to have the right posture. By the way, the best way to learn to dance this amazing dance style is by taking at least a few lessons in your local kizomba dance studio. This way you will be having the most complete, smooth and efficient understanding of this Angolan dance you can ever get.

Kizomba Posture

Kizomba postures can also vary a lot from dancer to dancer. So we’ll begin with the most common and the most comfortable one. Here is a short video that will explain you a little bit about how to hold your partner while dancing.

Kizomba Basic 1 (Basic Slow)

Kizomba Basic 1 (Basic Slow) or as some people call it Basic on the Spot is a quite tricky step that most beginners have problems with. But you shouldn’t be afraid of it because with time it will be one of your favorite ones. Men should start by shifting their and their partner’s weight from one foot to another and slowly grow from there. With time you’ll be able to make your Basic 1 a very juicy and sexy move.

Here is another way to explain the same step, which I personally like a lot. This step is really about grounding yourself and your partner, making it feel heavy as a Kizomba beat. Men should feel their ladies’ steps balancing them from one side to another.

Kizomba Basic 2 (Side Step)

Basic 2 or as some people call it Side Step is probably the easiest step in Kizomba. Most dancers understand it intuitively and use it all the time. The most difficult part is to change your leading between other basics. Every time you want your partner to follow you to the side step, don’t forget to take her with you. Hug her and let her feel that you are changing directions.

Kizomba Basic 3 (The Walk Forward & Backward)

When it comes to Basic 3 most teachers are not consistent, giving this name to different steps and moves. But don’t panic because it’s not as important if you understand the gist of leading the girl forward or backward or in any other direction for that matter.

Here is another step that some dance teachers may call as Basic 3. In a nutshell, it is the same sequence of 3 steps, but they are being made in different directions.

Men Saida

Saida – is the signature Kizomba move. It is translated from Portuguese into English as “Exit”. Meaning that in this move the guy will be exiting the line, walk a few steps alongside with his lady and then get back into the same line with her. This explanation of the Saida for Men lacks one important thing that our dance style is known for – The Body Twist. But no worries you will see what I mean in the next chapter when we’ll cover Saida for ladies.

Women Saida (Ladies Saida)

Great video explanation about the secrets of Saida for women. Although I am personally not a big fan of this version without the body twist, it is still a very common way to make it.

In this video, you will see my preferred way to dance women Saida. Notice the twist of the body that makes lady’s exit smooth and very comfortable for both partners. Unfortunately, the quality of this clip is not that great, but the information is priceless and it will save you a lot of time understanding this move.

Kizomba Lady Style (The Hip Movement)

The lady style in is an art form of its own. In this video, Sara Lopez shows how to start working with your hips. From my point of view she the best Kizomba female dancer out there. The way she moves her body is hypnotizing.

Here is another clip with some more complicated moves

How to Combine Kizomba Basic Steps

In this section, I suggest you focus on final thoughts and rules to follow when you improvise trying to combine your steps into a dance. It is very important for male dancers to be clear when they lead their partners and this video will help you achieve just that.

Additional Information to Help You Master the Fundamentals

All of these tutorials are really good even though they approach Kizomba from different angles. Watch all of them and simply choose the one you like the most. And don’t forget to practice!

Let us know in the comment section below if you liked these video tutorials, and please consider subscribing to our newsletter, so you don’t miss anything moving forward. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Dancer2 Jan 2nd, 2018 at 23:16

    I enjoyed it very much. Great foundational information. Each presenter added to the understanding of the dance. The important tips on leading and following were very vaulable

    1. Roman Jan 19th, 2018 at 12:57

      Thanks a lot, I’m really glad you liked it. I’ve tried to find the best explanation videos available on YouTube. Even though every dancer has its own unique style, there are some basics that need to be understood before you can grow.

  2. Roman May 12th, 2017 at 06:47

    Hi everyone! If you like this video selection or you have a great video to suggest as a Kizomba tutorial, leave a comment here or contact us via email 😉

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