With over 26 million views since 2018, Morgane Lucia’s tarraxinha lady styling demo is likely the most watched kizomba dance video on YouTube. Captured after one of her workshops, it shows Lucia gracefully displaying her impressive hip control and styling skills for an audience of her students. As she fluidly dances to the rhythms of Edgar Domingos “Da valor,” it’s easy to see why this video has gained such popularity online.

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Viewers seem utterly transfixed by Lucia’s sensuous yet tasteful movements. “Quite hypnotizing to watch))) even I am a girl,” writes one awestruck commenter. “I was stressed today and this video made me forgot my stress)) awesome.” Another viewer concurs, “Simply hypnotized! Belly dancing and twerking is nothing comparing to the magic of kizomba lady style!”

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Indeed, Lucia manages to strike a delicate balance between power and poise that draws you in. Her ability to isolate and undulate parts of her body that most of us didn’t even know could move independently is remarkable. The hits and accents in the music come alive through her fluid hips and subtle footwork – it’s no wonder some call it magic.

Yet what’s most captivating is the pure joy Lucia radiates while dancing. Though her skill level is clearly advanced, she maintains an infectious energy and radiant smile. It’s a testament to what dance is all about – creative expression, connection, fun. Age truly melts away when you see such youthful spirit in motion.

And that’s the beauty of these styles meant for partner dancing – they can be learned by anyone with the desire to move, connect and enjoy music. You certainly don’t have to be a professional or expert dancer to take classes and start discovering new styles. Most people show up to their first class without a partner in tow. But thanks to partner rotation, you get to dance with different people while learning. It ends up being a very social and welcoming environment.

Lucia’s love of dance is exactly why she teaches workshops like the one captured here. She wants to share the beauty of these dance forms and help others gain more confidence and freedom in their bodies. Even for complete beginners, just one class can uncover natural abilities you never knew you had. Rhythms you’ve never moved to will suddenly swing your hips and shoulders as if by magic.

So if this video has inspired you to start dancing, know that you can! Look for local studios offering kizomba, tarraxinha, or other social partner dance styles. Take a friend or just yourself. Wear comfortable clothes that make you feel good about moving. Be patient with yourself as you learn. Tap into the joy and stress relief dance provides. Who knows, maybe someday millions will be hypnotically drawn to your dancing videos too! Wherever your journey leads, dance is for anyone with the desire to move, express, connect and be free in their body.

If you enjoyed this article, feel free to share it with your friends. Also, as online education getting more and more common these days, we’ve decided to launch a new online schools section. Consider checking it out if you’d like to learn to dance from the comfort of your home. Such online classes offer a convenient way to learn from world class teachers at an affordable price.