About Mauro Caiazza

He started dancing when he was 11 year old. He initiated his way into performing arts with such dance styles as Tango and Folk. Even though Tango was his main passion for quite a long time, in his adolescence Mauro also got interested in jazz, contemporary and salsa. These studies helped him shape his own style, his way of dancing and moving across the stage.

Video of Mauro Caiazza & Daniela Kizyma

This is a remake of an amazing passionate and sexy tango video from Mauro Caiazza & Daniela Kizyma. Tango is the most intimate out of all couple dance styles I know. Take a few Argentine tango classes in your local studio and you’ll understand what I mean.

After watching this, it’s quite tempting to start learning to dance, isn’t it? Enjoy this beautiful dance video and don’t forget to share it with your friends…