Reggaeton dance moves often seem complicated and intimidating for beginners. But Colombian dance instructor Lau makes it accessible for everyone in her viral YouTube tutorial with over 1M views. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, this short 8-minute video will have you moving and grooving in no time. With only 10 simple moves to learn, anyone can pick this up with just a little practice. Forget about complicated choreography – only chilled out steps which are all about having fun:

YouTube video

Dressed casually in her dance studio, Lau keeps the lesson lighthearted and fun. While high-intensity reggaeton routines certainly have their place, Lau chooses to emphasize sensual hip movements over complex footwork. This allows dancers to relax into the rhythms which is perfect for any party setting.

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The beauty of Lau’s approach is that it strips away the performative aspect often associated with reggaeton dancing. Instead of trying to impress others with your skills, the focus is enjoying your body’s natural movement. Simple steps like shifting your weight side to side, rippling your spine in waves, and circling your hips become almost meditative.

And the chilled-out vibe doesn’t mean Lau’s tutorial lacks a sexy flair. Reggaeton’s roots in Latin and Caribbean dance still shine through in subtle hip swivels and strategic booty pops. But these spicy accents complement rather than overwhelm the easy-to-follow steps.

For those new to reggaeton dancing, videos like this serve as the perfect starting point. By building physical familiarity and confidence with basic moves, it becomes easier to incorporate more styles and technical elements. Lau’s teaching presence contributes to an encouraging atmosphere for beginners rather than critical or competitive.

In the end, Lau’s tutorial exemplifies what reggaeton dance is all about. Letting go of inhibitions, connecting to the beat, and having fun with your body’s natural movement. The flashy tricks might come later, but sensuality and rhythm are at the core. So if you’re feeling that Latin flow, just start swaying – ole!

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