The first thought that’s going to come into your head when you watch this video will probably be “wow!”. These dancers are just breathtaking and Jojo’s choreography is incredible. The group of dancers at the start of the video are Jojo Gomez herself, as well as Myranda Gibson and Alyssa Stamp. The first solo is by Saya Okuma and the final solo is by Kaycee Rice.

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Kaycee has a special mention in this video because she is quite the child dance prodigy. If you haven’t heard of Kaycee Rice yet, you are definitely going to! She got famous from a Youtube video that her mother shared of her dancing to Werk, which then got highlighted by Katy Perry.

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Since then, she has been everywhere! From America’s Got Talent to the Queen Latifa Show and the Superbowl XLIX halftime show, Kaycee has been showing off her skills on the world stage. And she was only born in 2002!

Kaycee has that talent of being able to dance perfectly to the beat of the song and also perform and act out the emotions of the song. She is clearly a born performer! But Jojo’s choreography and the rest of the dancers’ performances also make this video shine. Jojo is at the top of her field. She has performed with so many big names, such as Justin Bieber, Cher, and Glee. And her choreography is in high demand, including for Sketchers and LA STYLE Fashion Week. But she is also a talented dance teacher who is known for instilling in her students the importance of a strong work ethic and discipline. Anyone who has studied dance will know that those elements are essential if you want to get anywhere. The dancing in this video is jaw-dropping, but all of the dancers would have worked crazy hard to perfect their routines.

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