A recently posted dance video featuring the talented duo Maycheal and Mayra has captured our attention. Filmed after one of their workshops at the 2023 Summer Salsa Festival in Varna, Bulgaria, it showcases the pair performing an incredibly moving sensual bachata routine in front of their students. Check it out:

YouTube video

Bachata is a genre of Latin dance that originated in the Dominican Republic in the 1960s. It is commonly performed to emotive guitar-based music and is noted for its sensual hip motions and close physical connection between partners. When executed by skilled dancers like Maycheal and Mayra, bachata takes on a profound artistic depth, enabling the pair to express themselves emotionally through movement.

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In this particular video, Maycheal and Mayra dance to “Heaven (DJ D Influence Bachata Remix)” by Calum Scott. Their exquisite musicality and body awareness is on full display as they interpret the sweeping ballad. Subtle gestures and flawless synchronicity convey the song’s passion and longing between the two dancers. The audience is treated to complicated lifts, spins, and tricks – all woven seamlessly together by Maycheal’s strong lead and Mayra’s graceful following.

Yet there is an extra layer of poignancy to this performance, as these beloved instructors are set to be married in just two weeks. This may account for the overflowing artistry and emotions evidenced here. Each touch, look, and movement seems to symbolize their deep connection and anticipation of the next chapter in their relationship.

After the final notes fade out, the workshop participants erupt into rapturous applause. Several minutes go by as the students clap and cheer for the touching display they just witnessed. Clearly moved, Maycheal and Mayra appear humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support.

In a comment on the video, the couple reflected: “The best part in our work as artists, is the moment where we fulfill the heart of every single dancer joined our workshop the warm clapping that we receive at the end of every single workshop, draw a big smile on our face with little tears of happiness. It’s not easy to impact other people’s life and emotions, but in dancing everything is possible.”

This memorable dance should inspire viewers to explore bachata and other Latin partner dances in their own communities. From small studios to large dance congresses, opportunities abound for learning and potentially finding a meaningful connection through dance. Novices need not feel intimidated, as most classes welcome newcomers of all experience levels, ages, and backgrounds. While it may take practice to reach Maycheal and Mayra’s advanced skills in sensual bachata (sub-style of Bachata), the joy and camaraderie of dancing remains accessible to all.

So if you have ever considered trying partner dancing, why not give it a shot? Ask your local studios if they offer bachata classes for beginners. Attend a social dance event and introduce yourself to fellow dance enthusiasts. You may just find that you take to it naturally, gaining confidence, exercise, and community along the way. Who knows – maybe you’ll even meet your own Maycheal or Mayra on the dance floor!

And for those interested in a more holistic approach, be sure to check out Maycheal and Mayra’s “Dance Healing” program. As they explain in their channel description, this program combines mindset coaching, breathing techniques, and movement for ambitious, creative dancers and non-dancers wanting to reach their full potential. Through their instructional videos, Maycheal and Mayra share key lessons about using dance to heal mind, body and spirit.

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