Kizomba, an intimate partner dance originating from Angola, is quickly gaining popularity among millennials as a more sensual alternative to modern dating apps like Tinder. You can understand why they are doing it by watching the following dance video of SaidDStreet and Oksana performing at The Battle Kizz Congress World Final 2024:

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What is Kizomba

  • Kizomba translates to “party” or “festival” in Kimbundu, a Bantu language spoken in Angola. The slow, romantic dance emerged in the 1980s during a time of civil unrest, bringing people together through its soothing, connected movements.
  • With its Afro-Latin beats and graceful footwork, kizomba promotes communication between partners through subtle and spontaneous signals. Leading with the core and hips, dancers achieve a deep level of unspoken “dialogue.”
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Why Millennials Love It

  • After experiencing the superficiality of Tinder and hookup culture, more millennials crave meaningful connections. Kizomba provides the sensuality and intimacy lacking in swipe-based dating apps.
  • The shared flow state achieved by moving in sync with another person forges deep bonds and emotional availability. The sustained eye contact and gentle caresses foster vulnerability and self-confidence.
  • The ability to dance with new people each song maintains that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling of a first date. Kizomba gives millennials a taste of novelty while satisfying their need for meaningful human connection.

How Kizomba facilitates dating and replaces Tinder

Not only does kizomba fulfill the need for meaningful connections and sensory pleasure, it also serves as an avenue for singles to meet potential partners. As the close embrace and playful lead-and-follow interactions break the ice, dancing intimately with a stranger quickly accelerates a sense of familiarity and attraction.

Where Tinder and other dating apps excel at introducing people, they fall short at sparking meaningful interactions. Kizomba organically sets the stage for romance by building interpersonal comfort through non-verbal communication. The relaxed setting and physical high that comes from dancing for hours cultivates vulnerability, passion and sexual tension.

As kizomba continues gaining devotees, specialized dance socials are cropping up in cities across the world. These events allow singles to meet a variety of partners in one night while enjoying the magic of the music and dance. For those seeking love along with pleasure and excitement, kizomba offers a far more embodied route than swiping on a screen.


Offering sustained physical touch and emotional intimacy often absent in modern digital dating, kizomba’s popularity reflects a longing for human connection lacking in quicker, more superficial interactions. As millennials continue seeking meaningful bonds, this sensuous dance may render swiping left and right obsolete.

So rather than endlessly swiping through dating profiles, more young people may soon be swaying in each other’s arms to the smooth sounds of kizomba. This insanely sensual dance provides the romance and connection we all intrinsically crave.

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