If you ever wanted to know what kizomba should look like, you need to check out this video by Boni Afronovo and Maria. Their dancing is so in sync that you can easily forget that they are two separate people at times. And that’s the beauty of kizomba. It strips away the more flowery performance moves that you see in the more formal dance styles and showcases the connection between the dance partners.

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Kizomba is one of the fastest-growing dance styles for people to learn partly because you can become fairly proficient at it in the space of only a few weeks. But, as is often the case, kizomba is easy to learn but hard to master. And this is what will keep you coming back!

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Kizomba focuses on the synchronized movements between the two dance partners and it is danced very closely together, with the dancers being connected at the chest, head, and knees. The vast majority of the movements are performed with the hips, which are rotated and moved in waves. This part is relatively easy to learn. But kizomba can become more tricky when you start adding more interpretative elements into it.

With kizomba, you don’t always have to dance to the beat of the music. It is common to slow down the movements and even stop briefly if it fits in with the song. And you can even dance to the melody rather than the beat. When it comes to a dance style like this that can be improvised and modified, the precision of the lead is vital. They will direct the follow in what they are planning to do next so that it is a seamless transition. And with synchronization being key in kizomba, it is vital that both dancers know exactly what to do next. Once you have mastered these elements, then you will be well on your way!

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