I mean, seriously. How much fun is this?! Hector Afromanga has done it again with some of the most joyful choreography you are likely to see for quite a while. And the song choice of M3TI Mika by Wan ft Luther is suited perfectly to the choreography. All in all, it is just impossible to walk away from watching this video without a smile on your face!

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Hector Afromanga started dancing at the age of 10, and over the course of his dance career has been influenced by a variety of different dance styles. From breakdancing and hip hop to dancehall and Afrobeat/Afro-fusion, Hector has mastered them all. And this breadth of knowledge is what makes his choreography so creative and fun.

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One of the interesting things you might notice about this choreography is how differently partnered dance is performed compared with more formal dance styles. With most classic partnered dance styles, the dancers hold each other and there is some form of a lead-follow relationship. But with Afro-fusion, partnered dance is often done in a more equal way. Rather than one dance being the lead and the other being the follow, both dancers perform facing the crowd (or camera!), and both perform the majority of the same choreography.

With that being said, there are usually opportunities for each dancer to take center stage and showcase their individual moves and skills at certain points during the choreography. Which is, of course, brilliant for the dancers. But it also means that the dance is great fun to watch for the audience. Although, you can see that Hector here is doing the gentlemanly thing, and stepping back to let his dance partner take the spotlight for the majority of the dance, even when they are performing the same moves. And together, they have created a real piece of magic!

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