Get your stiletto strut on, ladies! Olesivna’s provoking dance video to Billie Eilish’s steamy tune Oxytocin is bringing some serious heat to the streets of Wrocław, Poland. Thirteen foxy dancers decked out in lingerie, tights and sky-high heels slay the choreography outside what appears to be office buildings. Oh man, I know what you’re thinking – that spot seems kinda random for such a smoking routine! But you gotta admit, it makes for an interesting vibe, almost like these sensual sirens are taking over the buttoned-up business district with their bodacious moves.

YouTube video

You just know this choreo is classic Olesivna style, with those signature sultry arm waves and hip circles grooving to Eilish’s synth-pop song. These ladies own it with the confidence of Beyoncé performing at Coachella. I’m talking serious attitude, rhythmic body rolls, and enough hair flips to whip up a windstorm. They’re struttin’ and stuntin’ in perfect sync, but still manage make it look natural. Maybe they picked up some of those cheeky winks and neck rolls just walking down the street – this girl’s got flair!

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And let’s just take a sec to appreciate those outfits, because it takes some courage to be decked out in black lingerie and tights performing such a steamy routine in such location, it likely drew a few intrigued stares from the office windows above. Some may clutch their pearls, but I say the bold costumes fit Eilish’s lyrics about obsessing over touch and getting goosebumps. These ladies are just owning their confidence!

If this video has got you feeling your inner badass dancer, you can learn high heels choreography style at studios across the world or online. It’s a quite popular dance style these days and I’m sure you’ll have one or two options to attend somewhere in your area. Grab some gal pals and unleash your inner Beyoncé – no experience needed! Consider it a confidence booster, plus you’ll get great exercise. And the skills transfer over to other dances too. So next date night, you could be the hottest chick on the dance floor.

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