Check out this cool dance video we’ve stumbled upon online. It shows a crew of ladies stepping and swaying together to the groovy beats of kizomba music. Choreographed by Aurea Febraio and performed with her students somewhere outside in a public spot, this video showing off the kizomba lady style is pumping with joy and community vibes.

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Kizomba, a type of music and partner dance straight outta Angola, has gotten majorly popular across the globe. The kizomba lady style zooms in on women, teaching them cool styling, techniques, and choreo to steal the show on the social dance floor. Even though kizomba is traditionally danced with a partner, kizomba lady style classes let ladies come together and dance it out as a group.

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In this video, Aurea and her crew dance with sass and rhythm to the track “Nu Baza” by kizomba singer Badoxa. As they bust out the choreography, their synchronized movements and musicality take center stage. Their footwork stays mostly together, despite the challenges of leading such a big squad. Occasionally a dancer might miss a turn or get a beat behind, but the vibe of having fun and coming together is a lot more important here than getting everything right.

Filmed outside in a public area, the dancing initially draws curious looks from passersby. But the confidence and style of the performers soon make those looks turn into smiles. This dance party spreads joy not only among the crew, but also to the audience gathered to watch the show. The metaphor of dance as a universal language comes alive.

Aurea Febraio, the choreographer, is no newbie to the dance scene. Since 2011, she’s trained in diverse styles like dancehall, urban dance, heels dancing, Latin dances, and most extensively, kizomba. Hailing from Spain originally, she’s taught workshops at congresses in Spain and Portugal. Now she focuses on teaching and sharing her love for kizomba lady style through online videos.

For those feeling inspired to try kizomba after vibing to this video, the good news is dance is for everyone. You don’t need to be a certain age or have any dance experience to start learning. Look for a local kizomba or Latin dance studio and sign up for a beginner class – no partner required. Kizomba basics learned in a class can then be brought to social dances, where you can test out new moves and meet new peeps. Dancing provides mad exercise for the body and mind. Grooving to music builds coordination, strength, endurance, and confidence. So why not give kizomba a shot?

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