There’s just something magical about dancing outdoors, isn’t there? As soon as I feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin, it’s like I become part of the natural world around me. With each little turn, I feel more in tune with nature’s rhythms. Dancing outdoors just has a way of connecting us to nature that’s hard to beat. You can observe this kind of connection when you watch Evie Voller wholly lose herself in the magnificence of diverse, awe-inspiring natural landscapes:

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I’ll never forget the first time I danced under the oak trees. Those huge ancient trees towering over me were just stunning. Slowly, I started swaying and stepping to the breeze whispering through the branches. It was like the trees were waving me on, beckoning me to dance with them. As I moved, I felt small against those giant oak trees, but also completely at peace. It was like they were the silent witnesses to my joyful little forest dance, and I’d become one with the woods.

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Dancing outdoors is so liberating. Without walls or people watching, you can just move however your body wants in that moment. The fresh air and wide open space frees your body and spirit. It’s like the earth is embracing you without judgement as you spin and leap. Your dance becomes this creative expression of your inner self meeting the natural world.

Immersing yourself in nature heightens your senses too. The soft moss under your bare feet grounds you. The flowery scents enchant you. The birdsong inspires new rhythms. Your dance turns into an improvisation, ebbing and flowing with all the sensations. Each movement connects you more until you feel part of nature’s tapestry.

There’s this innate wisdom in nature that reveals itself through dance. Trees stand strong yet bend softly when the wind blows. Wildflowers open and close with the sun’s daily rhythm. Birds ride the currents of air so effortlessly. As you dance, you tap into that wisdom. Your body bends, sways, turns as nature guides you. The moves emerge spontaneously, guided by a natural sense of flow.

This growing bond can make you want to care for the earth. When you feel part of nature, you naturally want to protect it. Dance gently, leaving no trace. Show respect for delicate soils, plants and creatures. Let your dance be a gift for the planet, celebrating your connection. When we move with loving awareness, we lift nature’s spirit as it lifts ours.

So next time you’re outdoors, consider just letting your body move freely, without expectations. Kick off your shoes, feel the earth, sway with the grasses. Mirror a deer bounding playfully. Let nature lead, and see what dance arises from that special rhythm inside you. Surprise yourself as your own rhythms join nature’s. This dance with nature is one our primal cells know by heart. However it looks, moving as part of the natural world just feels righ.

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