Hey there dance fans! Have you ever noticed how the location and backdrop of a dance video can totally transform the feeling and impact of the performance? As a lover of dance myself, I’m always on the lookout for videos filmed in gorgeous, evocative settings that match the mood and style of the choreography. And let me tell you, location really does matter when it comes to dance videos! Check out this recent video from Daniel Rosas for example and try guessing where it was filmed:

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For starters, an eye-catching landscape or cityscape can add a ton of production value, even for amateur videos. Filming dance routines against colorful graffiti walls, in front of towering skyscrapers, or with a sunset-kissed ocean in the background instantly gives your video a professional, artistic edge. The interplay between dancer and environment creates striking visuals that draw the viewer in and make them want to watch more.

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But beyond just looking pretty on camera, the scenery you choose can also enhance the storytelling of your choreography and help convey specific themes or emotions. For contemporary or lyrical pieces, natural backdrops like forests, fields, or rivers provide the perfect complement to fluid movement and expressive interpretation of the music. The peaceful surroundings evoke a pensive, spiritual vibe.

Urban landscapes, in contrast, pair perfectly with hip hop or street dance styles. There’s just something so cool about a group of dancers breaking it down against a graffitied alleyway, in an empty parking lot, or down a city sidewalk. It just fits the attitude and energy of the genre.

When filming dance videos, also think about how the location lighting affects the visual impact. Direct sunlight can cast sharp shadows and create striking visual contrast, while soft diffused light lends an ethereal, romantic quality. And how about filming at magic hour during sunset to bathe your dancers in that beautiful golden glow? Swoon!

Beyond the aesthetics and enhancing the mood, scenic spots can also lend authenticity and cultural richness to dance forms tied to specific regions or customs. Capturing flamenco in the famous plazas of Seville, or Bollywood dance along Mumbai’s Marine Drive waterfront, lets viewers really connect with and understand the roots of these art forms.

Of course, not everyone has access to picturesque landscapes or hop a plane to Hollywood to film their Insta reel. But part of the creativity is finding unique backdrops even in your own hometown! Like in our today’s video it’s hard to imagine such place in Germany, yes it’s Germany, not Peru, Vietnam or some other exotic place. Keep your eyes open for that gem of an overlooked mural, a little rooftop with an epic view, an alley full of cool graffiti. Scope out parks, train tracks, bridges, fountains, and more. You can give your video an awesome atmosphere even without traveling far.

At the end of the day, remember that first and foremost dance is about the artistry and talent of the performers themselves. But placing dancers in a fitting, visually arresting scene enhances the overall experience and impact for the audience, which makes it easier to capture the attention right from the get-go. So step up your video game by taking some time to scout inspiring locations that will complement your choreography and elevate it to the next level. Happy dancing and filming!

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