Have you been curious about Kizomba, the partner dance from Angola? This video of French Kizomba instructors Isabelle and Felicien is the perfect introduction. After teaching a workshop at Festival Afro Latino De Meaux 2023, the renowned husband-wife duo took to the floor to perform an improvised Kizomba dance demo to “Quero Mais” by Badoxa. Their movements are the embodiment of taste, reserve and elegant sensuality.

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Their distinct Kizomba style is like watching poetry in motion. Felicien’s lead is confident yet understated, never overshadowing his partner. He guides Isabelle with subtle cues and a masculine, grounded presence. Meanwhile, Isabelle’s following abilities are simply sublime – completely in sync while still shining with her own feminine grace and expression.

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The spins, dips and rhythmic steps are executed with an effortless cool. Yet you can also see their passion for the music and for one another in each look and playful flourish. It’s as if they are the only two people in the room, lost in the intoxicating rhythms.

Kizomba’s Intimate Origins

This is quintessential Kizomba – a sister dance to joyful semba that emerged in the late 1980s from working-class neighborhoods of Luanda, Angola’s capital. With its slower tempos and sexy, close embrace, Kizomba was made for quiet seduction on a warm evening.

In the hands of great dancers like Isabelle and Felicien though, Kizomba is elevated to something special and romantic. You can see all the elements that make it so captivating:

  • The Tease – Felicien hints at the next move with shifts and twists of his torso, allowing Isabelle to respond and creating that delicious tension. I bet you’ve noticed those fluid lower body movements.
  • The Connection – By maintaining eye contact at times and playing in the close embrace, their bond is palpable. I mean, just look at their smiles.
  • The Musicality – They stretch phrases by holding moves, then rapidly transition to match every accent and vocal riff with perfect technique if you ask me.

It all combines into an intriguing dialogue between two dancers performing a very intimate meditation on the Kizomba rhythm. Sizzling yet classy.

You Too Can Dance Like This

Don’t be intimidated though! With the right instruction, Kizomba is very learnable for total beginners and experienced dancers alike. Kizomba got so popular around the world lately, that today most cities offer Kizomba classes that start from the absolute basics. And unlike some dances, no prior training is required. People of all ages and backgrounds can pick up this addictive dance.

Better yet, you don’t even need to bring a partner. Kizomba classes utilize rotation so everyone gets practice time dancing with different leads and follows. The instructors make sure you have a fun, supportive environment to learn the foundations, rhythms and key moves.

Just Give It A Try

So if you’re intrigued by the passion and artistry of Isabelle and Felicien’s Kizomba performance, why not take the plunge? Sign up for a beginner Kizomba class at a local dance studio. You may discover your new favorite dance, one sensual step at a time.

Who knows, with patience and practice, you too could be embodying that perfect blend of elegance and sizzle on the social dance floor. And maybe someday you’ll be the next Kizomba YouTube video sensation taking the world by storm! The only way to find out is to start dancing.

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