While often placed with the Latin dances, kizomba is actually an African dance from Angola that is something of a descendent of semba. It was originally danced to kizomba music, although it is now often danced to a wide range of music with a similar beat. It is growing super quickly as a dance style, so what is it about kizomba that makes it so popular?

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1) It is romantic

Kizomba has sometimes been derided as being too sexual and, while it is true that the dance couple is in a tight embrace and there is a focus on hip movements, it is more of a romantic dance than a sexual one. The couples are joined at the ribcage/stomach, not the pelvis, and the hip movements are technical and specific. If you are dancing with a romantic partner, kizomba is a great way of boosting your intimacy.

2) It is easy to pick up

Kizomba is one of those dances that are easy to learn but hard to master. You can learn the basics of kizomba in a few weeks and at least be competent enough to have fun at a dance social. Truly mastering kizomba can take a lot longer than that, however. There is a huge vocabulary of steps and movements that can be added to the dance so it can be as simple or complex as you need it to be.

3) It is versatile

And this large vocabulary can mean that kizomba is endlessly versatile. Check out this video of Sara Lopez, for example. They are dancing kizomba in a completely new and interesting way but a way that is still unarguably kizomba. As long as the beat is right, kizomba can be danced to a wide range of popular music and it can be danced as a couple, solo, or in a group.

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