Swaying hips, intricate footwork, and seamless partnering—the ingredients of a steamy kizomba dance are on full display in a popular video featuring the world-famous couple Isabelle and Felicien. Captured dancing intimately together at the KiMa Festival in 2021 after one of their workshops, this viral duo showcases their sensual stage presence and technical prowess in a performance that has garnered much acclaim.

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Set to the song “Posa” by C4 Pedro, Isabelle and Felicien demonstrate the combos and techniques covered in their class in an after-workshop showcase. Their chemistry is electric, their movements intricately synchronized as they glide across the floor. With Isabelle’s lithe flexibility and Felicien’s strong lead, the pair present the very epitome of smooth partnering. Every step, spin seems effortless.

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Hailing from Angola and derived from semba, kizomba is a popular partner dance known for its close connection, hip action, and unique rhythm. Isabelle and Felicien are largely credited for bringing the dance into the mainstream after their hit video “Soha Mil Pasos” went viral several years ago. Now professionally touring kizomba instructors, this talented couple clearly has a knack for imparting their skills to eager students worldwide.

One enthralled viewer commented online about the video: “Omg beautifully and perfectly done. It was smooth, connected, engaging, electric fire. The first time that I’ve seen someone perform this dance without looking awkward. They were both in sync with each other. Well done.” Another remarked: “Oh men, I am addicted with you guys. It’s so sad that I am 19 years old and I still don’t know my talent, but looking at you two makes me forget that and I just get engrossed in your dance.”

The intoxicating, intimate movements of kizomba can entrance even experienced dancers of other styles. As one commenter noted: “I’m trained in Detroit Ballroom, a little Latin Hustle, and a little Chop and have begun learning salsa on the dance floor. A guy just came up and led me in Kizomba out of nowhere…These two make it look magical, they’re so smooth. And they look like they’re thoroughly enjoying themselves. Perfect demonstration.”

Watching the chemistry and skill of Isabelle and Felicien, it’s easy to be drawn into the smooth, sensual appeal of kizomba. The dancing seems to transport the pair into their own world. For anyone mesmerized by the pulsing rhythms and close partnering of kizomba, learning this Afro-Latin dance style is an exciting possibility.

With studios worldwide offering kizomba classes for all levels, it’s a great time to give it a whirl. The basics can be picked up by anyone, regardless of age, background, or prior dance experience. Kizomba is often learned without a partner, as most students arrive solo and rotate partners during the lesson. The footwork and hip motions transfer nicely to other partner dancing.

Beyond technical skills, kizomba promotes musicality, communication, and connection. The emphasis is on interpreting the beats and moving as one, not just executing tricky moves. With the right guidance, kizomba unleashes fluidity of motion and awakens a natural sensuality within dancers.

The passion Isabelle and Felicien have for kizomba is infectious. Let their breathtaking showcase inspire you to step outside your comfort zone and onto the dancefloor. Who knows what inner talent you may discover once you lend your body to the pulse and sway of these soulful Afro-Latin rhythms.

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