You might already attend dance classes and social dance functions and these can be both fun and rewarding in their own right. But have you ever considered dancing in a public place? Check out this video of Hector and Mariam performing some gorgeous Afro-fusion dancing right there on a public beach. You can feel how joyful and freeing dancing in that location is just by watching the video.

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If you’re hoping to make a dance video and have it go viral then dancing in a public place can be a good idea. There is a reason why so many popular dance videos are shot in interesting places and it’s because they are more fun to watch for the viewer. And dancing in public just feels more natural and organic to the audience.

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Even if you’re not making a dance video, dancing in a public place can be an amazing experience. Many of us have a fear of dancing in public, especially when we’re on our own and it isn’t a space that is dedicated to dancing. But the beauty of dancing is that it is something you can do anywhere and at any time.

Dancing in a public place can help you to get over your fear of dancing in front of other people and learn how to truly “dance like no one is watching”. Sure, it might feel awkward at first, and you will probably feel self-conscious but if you can crack it and let yourself be in the moment it really can be an exhilarating experience. Not only that, but it will probably help you to overcome any shyness you have in other situations. Once you’ve danced unexpectedly in front of a bunch of strangers, that presentation you have to give suddenly doesn’t seem quite so scary.

Finding the right partner to dance with can go a long way towards helping you to get over that initial hump. Find someone with whom you have great chemistry and who has enough confidence to be able to help you along if you start to get shy.

Of course, if you are going to dance in a public place then you should be mindful of other people. Public places are shared spaces and you shouldn’t let your fun ruin someone else’s enjoyment. Taking your cue from Hector and Mariam and using a beach is a great idea. Beaches are generally relaxed spaces where everyone is just enjoying themselves, the waves will help to drown out your music, and you won’t be interfering with any jobs that people are trying to do.

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